Saturday, March 5, 2011

Such Sweet Fragrance

As I was walking down the path in front of our house to turn the sprinkler off in the front garden, I caught my first whiff of orange blossoms!  Mmmm!  I hurriedly took a second whiff before continuing on to the front garden.  (I can easily get side-tracked and then the garden would be drowning!)  On my way back, I found the blossom, got my camera and took this shot....
Our orange tree is young but we're hoping that this will be the year that we'll get some oranges.  Every year so far, the tree blooms and then we get terrible winds that knock the blooms and tiny oranges off.  We are already getting our March winds so hopefully, the winds will be over by the time the little oranges start forming.

Speaking of wind, today was the first day that I wasn't blown away whenever I stepped outside!  This afternoon I sat on my new bird-watching patio and enjoyed the peacefulness of the day.  Although, a little breeze would have been nice to keep the pesky mosquitos from feasting on my feet and ankles!

Tufted Titmouse on wires

I thought this was cool... the clouds were the same shape as the tree top!

As I mentioned before, since it wasn't so windy, I was able to water the front garden.  Here's what's coming up so far...



I wasn't pleased with my garlic photo but we have garlic coming up too!

It's exciting to see the results of your labor!


I'm anxiously waiting for Country Boy to get home after working a 36 hour shift.  I miss him when he's gone!  I'm cooking him one of his favorite meals, spaghetti!  Mmmm!  It's a shame the garlic isn't ready to pick... I had to use store-bought garlic in the sauce.  The smell of spaghetti sauce isn't sweet, but it's a smell my hubby loves!

Till next time,

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Shanae Branham said...

My favorite picture was where the clouds were the same shape as the tree!

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