Thursday, April 7, 2011

Creative Housing

Ya just gotta love the Carolina Wrens and their creativity when it comes to deciding where to build their nest!  We've had them build nests in Country Boy's old work boots that he keeps on the back porch; they've built nests in Country Boy's canvas tool belts that were hanging in the barn; to the latest, a nest in the post hole diggers hanging on a post in the barn.

That took a lot of work to get that much material to fill up the center of the post hole digger.  But they are very fast and efficient at building nests. 

As I climbed up the ladder to get these shots, Momma Bird flew out and startled me!  Good thing I didn't fall off the ladder!  I felt bad for disturbing her and thought she must be sitting on some eggs.  I was trying to hurry and get these shots so that she wouldn't be off the eggs too long and abandon them so, this isn't the greatest shot, but you can see the eggs in there even though they're blurry.

Isn't nature beautiful?  God sure knew what He was doing when he created the Earth and all its inhabitants!  Well, sometimes I wonder about the human race, but, thankfully, He loves us anyway despite ourselves *smile*!

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

I love these creative little guys! They nest in our shed/garage too - using everything from a piece of pvc pipe to an old lamp globe. This spring they tucked a nest on a shelf between two cardboard boxes. I love this post-hole digger design tho!

A New England Life said...

How sweet! Very creative indeed. Hopefully momma came back and they'll have some cute little babies!

Btw, I was terrified to paint my cabinets, and I'm a painter! Finally I just had to take the plunge. It all worked out okay.

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