Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Traveling Tuesday

For this Country Girl who likes to stay home I did some traveling today.  Over 100 miles in fact!  I took a neighbor to our closest Barnes & Noble which is 33+ miles from our houses one way.  We were shopping for Florida Bird books, the Sisterchicks series by Robin Jones Gunn, photography books, a certain Soup cookbook and a beginners Beekeeping book.  There weren't too many bird books to choose from (and they were very expensive) so we passed on them.  Next, they only had two Sisterchicks books out of at least six in the series (and quite expensive) so we passed on them.  (My neighbor was really looking to buy them as a set hoping it would be cheaper.)  The photography book was for another neighbor that I had offered to pick up for her if I found one that was reasonable.  I found one but it was a little more than what she wanted to pay and I know that there are cheaper ones online.  So, we passed on that.  The Soup cookbook?  Found it.  My neighbor loved it and bought it!  Yay, we have a book!  The Beekeeping book?  For me, of course.  I found the one I wanted and bought it!  Yay, we have two books now!  So, not an altogether successful venture but at least we did not come away empty handed.

Next stop, a GNC for some Almond Oil and Tea Tree Oil.  It seems Country Boy picked up some sort of poison something-norother while we were on vacation.  (He's a bit curious, that one, and can't resist checking things out and even touching or picking whatever it is up *sigh*)  

Here he is checking out what was in the ravine.  He was hoping to find something that one of the Native Indians (from a long time ago) may have used and left behind *smile*.  

Anyway, he is rashing out something terrible and it is spreading... quickly.  He's at work today for 24 hours and is, unfortunately, very miserable.  I managed to get him an appointment tomorrow morning with his doctor but I read that 1 tsp. of Tea Tree Oil combined with 1/4 Almond Oil or Avocado Oil (you could even use cold-pressed Olive Oil) and applied with a cotton ball is supposed to help soothe the skin and help stop the itching.  It's an old Australian natural remedy!  We're going to give that a try when he gets home in the morning before going to his appointment and hopefully, it will give him some relief for a bit until we see what the doctor says and does for him.

Since my neighbor and I decided that the prices were a bit much for us at the fancy bookstore, we decided to check out a used bookstore (which is in a different town in totally the opposite direction of where we were!).  So, we drove the 33+ miles back to our town, passed it, then drove another 20 or so to check out the used bookstore.  Needless to say, the store owner said she didn't have any (nor has ever had any) of the Sisterchick books but took my neighbors name and number down in case she got any in.  They're good books, fun to read and quite entertaining so we decided people are keeping them or passing them on rather than trading them in!  But, the trip wasn't totally wasted... we hit the local ice cream shoppe and had us some yummy ice cream for our efforts!

We then drove the 20+ miles back to our town, stopped for a few groceries, some overly priced fuel and then finally headed home!  Whew!  I'm tired just writing about my excursion today!


OK, I'm done boring you with my day... here's some more vacation pictures!

The Native Indians would use these rocks for shelter.  (And yes, Country Boy checked it out to see if anything was left behind *smile*!)

Till next time,

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TexWisGirl said...

Oh dear! I've been thru the agony of bad poison ivy outbreaks - it got so bad I'd land at the emergency clinic within the first day. I'm sure the doc will give him some prescription creams to help. (If he continues to get exposed and has breakouts, send me an email and I'll tell you about an herbal remedy that'll help build up an immunity - it saved my LIFE!)

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