Saturday, June 25, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

Country Boy and I made it home a couple of hours ago from our mini-camping trip!  We didn't venture far from home, about an hour and a half drive, but it was nice to get away!  It was a rather unusual camping trip for us in two ways.  First, it has been so dry at the campground that campfires were not allowed in the fire rings.  We usually enjoy sitting around the fire drinking our coffee in the mornings and enjoying some double-stuffed Oreo's and milk in the evenings.  No can do this time!  Second, it was SO hot.... mid- to high-nineties every day.  While we spent a lot of time down at the Springs (which is a frigid 72 degrees!) in the morning and late afternoon, it was just too hot in the afternoons.  We ended up spending the afternoons in the camper taking naps, watching nothing on TV, reading or cross-stitching.  (No, Country Boy was not reading or cross-stitching so you know what he was doing *laugh*!)  We love to spend the entire day outside while we're camping.  No can do this time!

I am drinking my iced coffee and will be catching up on my favorite blogs and looking at the photos I shot over the last several days.

Don't forget about the GiveAway!  Drawing ends at midnight tonight and I will announce the winner tomorrow!  Click on June GiveAway in the sidebar for more information!

Have a great weekend!

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

sounds like hot weather... now you weren't in Texas were you?! ha!

Mary said...

It was a beautiful day here today. Sunny and somewhat cool. Sorry your camping trip wasn't perfect. But kudos for making it fun anyway!

~Kristin~ said...

Welcome Home and I love that iced coffee! ;o)

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