Thursday, June 2, 2011

Officially Country!

I feel official now...  after living here for seven years, we finally have a gate across our driveway!  It seems all country farms have gates, several gates in fact, on their property to keep the animals where they're supposed to be.  Well, we don't have animals that need to be kept in (someday, hopefully!) but we have had some minor (mailboxes damaged or pulled out of the ground) and some not so minor (house broken into and items stolen) incidents in the neighborhood lately so to discourage the hoodlums from driving onto our property we decided it was time for a gate.

We purchased a 16' gate so the original 4x4's had to be moved to make a larger opening and accommodate the gate and hardware.  Country Boy also added a 4x6 post that he had to attach the hardware to.

I'm so thankful he can tackle projects like this!

He added an old tiller wheel to the bottom of the gate to help support it and to make it open easier and smoother.

While it may seem counter-productive to have a gate across the drive when we don't have a fence all the way around the property yet, it's all we can do for now.  The fence is being installed as the monies become available.  A neighbor gave us some fence boards that he had no use for anymore so as soon as we can get some more 4x4's we'll continue on a few more feet with the fence.  Eventually, a fence will surround the property but at least for now, the hoodlums would have to walk off our property with whatever it is they are taking!

All done!  (How 'bout those grapevines on the right covering the arbor!  Can't wait to make some more grape jelly!  Mmm, mmm good!)

Till next time,


DeanO said...

What a great project - I like the wheel to help the gate roll open and closed (and help support the weight) Good job

Dottie said...

Good job Ronnie! When we come to visit do we have to get out of the car & open the gate?! :)

TexWisGirl said...

we keep our gate closed most days (locked too). on the rare occasion we're expecting a delivery or guests, we leave it open. and it's always amazing to me that 'vendors' will come down the driveway uninvited. i love my gate!

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

Gates are good. Though I often cuss mine when I have to open and close it in the rain it keeps a lot of traffic off the road and un-permissioned hunters off the land. We keep ours open most of the year though I wish it had been closed this week when in the midst of hurried last minute preparation for a house concert a car load of women showed to discuss an article from the Watchtower, a religious magazine. I explained that I was pretty well covered in the religion department but they continued in their effort. I finally said, "You really have to leave now." I just discovered your blog and will enjoy reading back into it.

Christine said...

It's sad we need gates to keep others out; but definitely a necessity too. Found your blog over at DeanO this morning! I'm now following your blog; always a pleasure to find new blogs by Floridians! I live in the NW Florida panhandle in Gulf County. I'll be back to read more of your posts real soon! Drop by for a visit when you can! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got your gate up :) It looks good. Hubby's old tiller wheel was a very good idea! You guys will probably rest better knowing there's a gate now.
Looks like you're going to have lots of grapes for jelly! Yum!

Mary said...

Yep, you've definitely arrived!

Great job on the fence. Amazing what those husbands can do, isn't it? :)

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