Friday, August 19, 2011

Frugal/Facebookin'/Fence Painting Friday

It's been a fruitful Friday for me!  (OK, I'll lay off all the f-words... and get your mind out of the gutter... you know that is NOT what I meant... sheesh!)  Now, where was I... oh yea!  Country Boy and I decided, in our quest to be frugal, that we would cancel our satellite TV service.  We currently have the cheapest package and yet we still pay $50/month for the three channels that we watch once in a blue moon!  I'm sure some of you are balking at how low our payment is compared to what you are paying but $50/month for something we rarely make use of is just wasting my hubby's hard-earned money.  So, I called and cancelled it today.  But, there is always a catch...  because we did not fulfill our two year contract agreement we are being fined $180.  No, that is NOT a typo... $180 dollars just to cancel our service.  Ridiculous!   Free money for that company, ugh!  After doing the math and paying the lousy $180 I will still save $380 by cancelling now instead of waiting until my contract is up.  I currently have the same issue with my cell phone provider.  I have to pay them X amount of dollars to cancel my service because I have 5 more months left of the two year contract.  Meanwhile, I have ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH service at my house.  Again, paying money every month for something I can't use.  Next month, I'm cancelling my cell service and eating the money because I will still save more in the long run.  Needless to say, I will NEVER do business again with a company or provider where I have to sign a contract.

I'm getting off my soapbox now... stepping down carefully... OK, it's all good!

My burgundy lilies are doing great this year!  It has bloomed all summer long!

Did you notice the Facebook box I added to my sidebar?  If you have a Facebook account, please Like my page!  I would really appreciate it!  I have several friends who do not blog and I thought this would be an easy way for them to see when I've published a new post.

Since Country Boy is working a 36 hour shift today and tomorrow I decided I needed something to help pass the time quickly.  I really, really appreciate him picking up an extra shift here and there but I sure do miss him *sigh*...  so, I decided to paint our fence that is by the road.  It was a kaleidescope of  colors!  The initial fence that we installed was stained with Saddle Brown water sealant.  Then, a very generous neighbor took down their fence around the pasture they no longer needed and gave us the boards.  They were painted red.  Country Boy used some 4x4's that had been painted white for the fence posts.  It was one crazy looking fence, I tell ya'!

See, I kid you not!

After several long, hot hours here's what she looks like now...

Tada!  SOOOoooo much better I think!  Unfortunately, I ran out of paint and still have five sections to do on the back side.  At least the side facing the road is done!  For now.  The salesman said to put two coats on *sigh*.  Another day.  While I was painting, I was serenaded by birds, cicadas and frogs; waved to the neighbors passing by and even chatted with a few that stopped to say hello!  Good times!

I hope y'all have a fun-filled, relaxing, wonderful weekend my friends!

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

oh, i totally don't mind painting if it's something outside like fencing! (detest indoor painting!) i'd have enjoyed chatting with the neighbors too! good for you, girlie!

Debbie Linkous said... I really feel like a slug. Still have to trim, caulk and paint the front door that was long ago?! LOL It's still on my ever-growing list.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

We canceled our satellite 4 years ago and haven't looked back! I can't believe you're getting fined so much though - boo!

Debi said...

My daughter is sitting here reading your comment about satellite. Same thing happened with her. I just heard on the news how many folks are terminating because the cost is outrageous. Good job. Your painting looks very nice.

Samantha said...

I only watch hockey and one show, but honestly.. you'd have to pry them out of my cold, dead hands!
As much as I complain, it's money well spent in our eyes.
The fence looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Your fence looks good - great job!
We had the same problem with both cell phone & dish. Just doesn't seem fair, does it?

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