Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cleaning Up & Signing Up

This morning Country Boy and I did some cleaning up around the property.  There were several brush piles that had been sitting around for awhile because we were under a burn ban for so long.  Since we've been blessed with some nice rain storms and showers we were able to finally get the brush burned off.  We also planted some shrubs and got eat'up by chiggers.  I also forgot to take any photos since I was anxious to get started and finally get rid of that mess!

This afternoon, we drove an hour to a small city called Mt. Dora so that Country Boy could sign some paperwork for his 'new' job; actually, it's the same job only with a new company.  It's a long, sad story in which lots of people lost their job because of some political nonsense at the county level.  My thoughts & prayers are with them during this difficult time of finding another job.

I tagged along because, well, I used to work there too and I wanted to see a couple of very specials ladies that work in the office that were always so nice to me!  We had a great time chatting, poking fun and catching up!  Once Country Boy was finished with business, we headed to downtown Mt. Dora.  It's a quaint area with lots of shopping and restaurants.  It was a lovely afternoon with a nice breeze... still hot but not crazy hot!

You find a place to park and you can walk for blocks and check out all the shops and restaurants.

We didn't do any shopping, I just wanted to get a couple of  photos.  Although several of the restaurants smelled really good, Country Boy had his heart set on the Hog Trough Golden Corral (sorry about that!  That's what a friend of ours calls it and we laugh every time we eat there!).

We walked a coupla' blocks over to Lake Dora.

Before moving to the country, we used to bring our boat to Mt. Dora.  There is a great chain of lakes that goes through several cities and one of the prettiest canals I have ever seen... lots of fun!

After pigging out eating supper, we drove our miserable selves back to our little piece of the country.  Since we have full bellies and wore ourselves out this morning but didn't want to crawl into bed at 7:00 p.m. Country Boy is playing a video game and I, of course, am blogging while waiting for the clock to at least get to 9:00 p.m.!

Does today feel like a Friday to you?  I've been thinking it was Friday all day.  Not that I really ever know what day it is with not working and Country Boy's crazy work schedule!  Oh well, I'll have two Fridays this week!  Woot!

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

that shot of the pier with the adirondocks all lined up is SO nice! i'd have hung out there for a bit with my full belly! :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

AS a matter of fact, I thought it was Friday *yesterday*. My DH also has a crazy schedule. I love these pics.. what a beautiful place! Hog Trough is perfect for GC. I shall borrow that one, thank ya very much ;) -T

Dottie said...

I miss going there. Beautiful pics.

Unknown said...

Your photos are awesome. I love those large heavy doors on that one restaurant. It looks like a lovely place to visit. Is Mt. Dora near Orlando? (so so so sorry to say YOUR honey just got packaged safely today and will go out in the mail tomorrow morn with 4 other packages!

Samantha said...

Great shots..looks like a wonderful town to hang out!

Mary said...

What a pretty lake -- so nice and clean and tidy. How the heck does it stay that way? :)

I'm with you on not really knowing what day it is. It's Saturday for me every day.

Cynthia said...

Hi, I am the sister-in-law of your sister-in-law. I have been reading your blog since our sil shared your blog with me. I have to say that you are such an encouragement. I really enjoy reading over your blog. I love the pictures of Mount Dora. My in-laws just loved living there and I miss visiting.

Old Florida is just as beautiful as ever.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! What beautiful views! I could sit down in one of those chairs and just think and relax!

Love those big wooden shutters on the building!

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