Thursday, October 6, 2011

Special Day Part II & Reorganizing

On Tuesday's all day fishing venture, I shot over 200 photos.  That's not really a lot of photos considering the number of hours I spent sitting at the back of the boat yet Country Boy always thinks I take WAY more than necessary!  It's digital... what does it matter.  Right?  Back in the film days I would not have even dreamed about taking that many!  But, I digress...

There are some really pretty and interesting plant life floating along the edges of the rivers and lakes. 

I'm not sure what kind of flowers these are but they reminded me of orchids.  

Here's a closer picture.  See how they're symmetrical like an orchid?  I also like all the different types of vegetation in this photo.

I believe these are water lilies.

As you can see, I'm not up on my water flowers!

Feel free to correct me if you know what these flowers are!

My husband calls this a cabbage plant.  Water cabbage maybe *hee,hee*!

The dew on these cabbages looked like diamonds sparkling in the sunlight.

That was not a plant, I was just making sure you were paying attention!

The wildlife was plentiful.

Common Moorhen
I don't know what kind of bird this is (TexWisGirl, a little help please!) but there were quite a few of them hopping from one lily pad to another.  I really enjoyed watching them.  It was almost like they were playing a game!

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron
Sandhill Cranes in flight
And of course, the scenery was lovely.  There's something about being on the water that seems to take away any cares in the world you may have.

The water in the second lake we went to was so clear and fairly shallow.

What a great place to sit and relax and enjoy the view!

For those of you wondering if Country Boy caught anything all day, the answer is yes, but he threw them back in because they were too small.  He didn't catch as many as he was hoping for... maybe next time!  And, in case you're wondering what I did all day (other than take pictures!) I read, stretched, did some WordFind puzzles, stretched, grabbed the net when CB caught a fish, stretched, handed out the snacks & water and did I mention I stretched *hee,hee*!  Our jonboat is rather small and the seat is rather hard.  My bum was sore that evening and the next day!  But, at least, I didn't fall out of the boat every time I stretched!  This matey has some good sea legs!

Country Boy stayed out as long as possible.  As we were heading back to the boat ramp the sun was beginning to set below the tree line.

I've been practicing capturing 'starbursts'.

That was our special day!

Today?  Country Boy is working.  I'm watering the garden and tackling the dreaded guestroom.  I am in the midst of reorganizing (the house, basically) so that I can make the guestroom into a sewing room while there are no guests!  My current sewing room is on the front porch.  While it's a lovely time of year to be 'outside' enjoying the sights and sounds, eventually it will be too cold to be out there for very long.  I also have to iron the fabric in the kitchen, cut the fabric on the dining table and do the sewing on the front porch.  My goal is to be more efficient and have everything in one location.  It's difficult to do in a small house with no extra 'bonus' rooms of any sort so I'm having to get creative!  Which is fine.  I like being creative!

So far, I have unloaded every book from one of two double bookshelves (I like to read!) which were located against one wall in the guestroom and relocated it to our bedroom. I then proceeded to fill it up again!  Today, I'm unloading the rest of the books off the second bookshelf and moving it to the living room.  Then, I will load the books back on it and then start reorganizing the guestroom which is currently a staging area for  things that I am going to donate to the local thrift store.  Once I have some room to move around in there, I am going to set up a sewing table and a second table for cutting.  I may also have to play around with the furniture placement in there.  I'm hoping the bulk of it (the furniture moving) will be finished today but it will take some time to sort through and make decisions on the rest of the stuff.

I've procrastinated long enough... I've had my Claritin (allergies were bad this morning... something about October for me and my allergies), my breakfast and as SpongeBob would say "I'm ready"!

Till next time,


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

The water lilies are so lovely. It looks like a beautiful day out fishing.

TexWisGirl said...

beautiful shots! i'm not familiar with that bird! long beak, though! :)

Mary said...

What a wonderful way to spend a day. Cruising along the river. Love the swing -- :)

Samantha said...

Kinda looks like a great tailed grackle female..could that be it?

AMAZING shots..loved all of them

CountryDew said...

Lovely shots. Thank you so much for sharing them.

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