Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday


The only Black Friday around here are these two black blobs lounging on the couch!

How 'bout you?
Do you battle the crowds looking for the deal of a lifetime?
My hat's off to those of you who do!

I can't tolerate the crowds or all the hustle 'n bustle in the stores.
I guess that's why I love the country life so much... it's a much s.l.o.w.e.r. pace out here!
Sure, there are always things to keep me busy but they're done at my own pace.

Good luck to you brave ones this Black Friday!
Stay safe and be nice!

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

that's my kind of black friday too! i'll just substitute two black dogs lounging around. :)

Country Gal said...

Love the two blobs ya got there lol !
I cant stand the hustle and bustle of the stores either thats why we live in the country and go to our local country stores, here slow paced friendly and oh so country ! It also supports our local crafts and arts people around the area ! Have a wonderful day !

Anonymous said...

I'm with you! Staying in today, reading, watching movies, and munching on leftovers. :)
Hope you have a great weekend,
~ Zuzu

Debbie Linkous said...

We did Black Friday at Mt. Dora. Was surprised to see several of my favorite stores are no longer, but still had plenty to look at. Didn't break the bank, did more people watching than buying.

CountryDew said...

Had to go out and deeply regretted it. Lesson learned!

Kerri Farley said...

The kitties are Beauties!!

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