Monday, December 26, 2011

Getting All My Ducks In a Row

Are those of you who are connected to my Facebook page ready for the surprise that I mentioned last night? You are?  OK!

But first, and yes I'm stalling, I hope that everyone had a nice Christmas, enjoying time with family and friends and celebrating the birth of Christ!  We are celebrating today with family.  In a few minutes, Country Boy and I will head to my Mom's house to make some mashed potatoes and then we'll all head over to my sister's house who lives a few blocks away from Mom to exchange gifts and eat a yummy Christmas dinner.  My nephew and his family are also here from up north and it's going to be great seeing them and spending some time with them!

When one member of the family is a public service worker, the WHOLE family makes the sacrifice at the holidays.  We're thankful that our family is understanding of this and also understands that it's not the day that we're celebrating but the event!  Thank you all... we love you!

And now, without further ado... I will show you my surprise...

They're not exactly lined up but they look like they're at attention!  Aren't they cute?

They are Khaki Campbell ducklings.  I am still researching them as I've never had ducks before but this breed is a hardy breed, easy to raise and are good egg layers.  (They're also just too cute!)

On the eve of Christmas Eve, I went to the feed store to get some more chicken feed.  These cuties were in a clear tote on the counter.  I couldn't resist.  I called Country Boy and said I'm bringing home some ducks!  "What are we going to do with ducks?"  "They lay eggs!"  "Oh boy!"

I am so thankful that my hubby is so understanding and hasn't banned me from the feed store... yet!

They have been easy to care for and stay right by each other which makes it easy to herd them to where you want them.

They are in the chicken coop with the chicks who were actually terrified of these little ones at first!  The ducks?  They could've cared less about the chicks!

Here are the chickens hovering in the corner... afraid for their lives!

I have to run now but I have a video for you...

This morning they were swimming like crazy, heads underwater and everything.  Country Boy got a good chuckle over them!  When they get a little bigger we're going to get a cheap, plastic pool for them to splish splash around in!

I am also going to be announcing a giveaway either tonight or tomorrow morning (I have to wait until we have our Christmas) and you will have only a few days to enter as I will announce the winner before the new year.

So, when you read my title did you think that I was going to talk about getting organized or something like that?  Well, that is a goal for the coming year but that will be a later post!

I hope you have a great day!  I know I will!

Till next time,


Unknown said...

Adorable! Adorable! Adorable! I haven't had the duck itch yet.. but I am beginning to get the pig itch.. we want to get a pair and raise our own pork. LOL.

TexWisGirl said...

they are so cute! but you are so weak! no resistance whatsoever! :)

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Oh gosh, they are so cute. I think they are going to need that pool soon if you can even find one this time of year. Enjoy your duckies.

Tracy said...

Oh my I wouldn't have been able to pass them by...

CountryDew said...

Very cute! What a nice holiday present to give yourself.

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