Friday, April 20, 2012

Ah, Spring

Spring is a busy time of year for most people.

Spring cleaning.
Spring planting.
Reclaiming what 'ol Man Winter destroyed.

We begin to feel alive again and can't wait to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Even these guys are active and busy enjoying the fruits of Spring...

Can you see all the pollen on his legs?

The bees were swarming these flowers yesterday afternoon
and were covered in pollen but I didn't have my camera (no comment!).

I was too busy thinking about wanting to find their hive and see if there's any honey.

I LOVE honey and would, one day, like a beehive but that's another story.

I don't know what these are but we thought it was a weed so
Country Boy cut it down but it only grew back larger so we've left it be.

Once a year it puts out these purple and yellow flowers.

And, along with feeding my hummingbirds (and thank you for all the kind comments on yesterday's hummingbird shots!) look what else I'm feeding...

Yellowjackets, sigh.

Even though the hummingbird is larger, these yellowjackets will chase the hummers away.

That does not make me happy.

Fortunately, since this photo was taken, the yellowjackets have
slacked off the sugar water and now my hummers can freely eat when they want.

We had an awesome, very much-needed rain
yesterday afternoon and we may get some more today.


There is nothing better for flowers and veggies than rain water.

Happy Friday and I wish y'all a wonderful weekend!

Till next time,


Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Gorgeous images!

Country Gal said...

Beautiful photos ! Hummers will be here for us soon as will the bees in the feeders as well . Oh well its nice to know we are looking after nature the best we can lol ! I love honey as well , on toast or in my tea YUMMY ! We are to be getting rain and thunderstorms later this evening and we need it ! Have a great day !

TexWisGirl said...

congrats on the rain! and your yellowjackets feeding off each 'flower' are too cute.

Tracy said...

What a very lovely blog. I came over from Denise at Autumn Sky and just a great site; dynamic photos and superb words and thoughts!

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