Saturday, October 27, 2012

Simply Saturday

I can't believe my last post was on Monday.

So much going on.

I know I keep saying that and one day I will fill you in on what's happening here at the homestead but first, I have to wrap my brain around it all so that I can come up with the words to write a sensible post.

I do have words for a few things that are going on.

Miss LizzieBelle and I are attending a Fund Raising event for a non-profit animal clinic today.  There will be food, prizes, adoptable pets and a costume contest.  Miss LizzieBelle will be dressed as a witch.  I hope to get a good shot of her today at the event (she didn't want to cooperate before when I tried to take her picture with her costume on!).

While we're there I hope they will take a look at LizzieBelle.  I think her yeast infection is back.  She is constantly scratching, driving both of us nuts!  She scratches herself raw.  Her flea stuff is not working and she's having trouble with her ears.  I gave her a good bath yesterday with her medicated shampoo.  It alleviated the itching for several hours but then was back again.  I've cleaned her ears and rubbed almond oil in them to soften and soothe the skin.  We both need help to know what to do to conquer whatever's going on with her.  Poor girl!

I've also been setting up a Spooky House for our church's Fall Festival on Halloween (and having a blast!).  Country Boy and I have donated most of our Halloween decorations to the church for their yearly Fall Festival.  We have no need for the decorations since we moved out to the country because we don't get any trick-or-treaters, which is one thing we really miss.

Each year the Fall Festival gets better and better.  This year there will be food, games, a bounce house, a Spooky House and each family will go home with a large bucket of candy.  Fun, fun!

I will post pictures of both events in a later post.

And since I always have at least one photo in my posts, I will end with this...

I hope you have a great weekend!
Till next time,


Linda at French Hollow said...

Poor little furbaby! I've had two dogs with yeast issues, including my Mocha. We start feeding her a tablespoon of plain yogurt (which she loves) each day. It took several days to show improvement, but now she has NO issues - hasn't had an ear infection since we started the yogurt treatment and her only scratching is caused by dry skin (which we use oatmeal shampoo to alleviate). I recommend yogurt - it certainly can't hurt anything!

TexWisGirl said...

beautiful photo!

good luck with lizziebelle! i hope the comment above is helpful for her!

Gail Dixon said...

Beautiful focus on the leaves and ladybug. I love it.

I wonder if LizzieBelle has food allergies? My dad's dog has that and is on a special diet. Poor baby! Or Cher bebe as we say here. Hope she feels better soon. :)

Country Gal said...

Poor LizzieBelle must be so annoying for her . She may have allergies or a fungal issue . I hope you can find out and give her and you some relief ! Lovely photo ! Hope you have a good time at the the Fund raiser ,looking forward to photos ! Have a good day !

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