Friday, February 22, 2013

Pouch or Diddy Bag?

Since I started crocheting a couple of years ago I've acquired a collection of hooks and a container of stitch markers.

I purchased a  quilted roll-up bag to store my hooks in but had nowhere to keep my little container of stitch markers.

This was really no big deal as I didn't use them that often so I kept them in my yarn tote.  (That's full.  Because of my yarn fetish, smile!)

I've also wanted to learn how to knit so I purchased a knitting starter kit that came with an instruction book, a DVD, and lots of little doo dads to keep up with and nothing to put them in other than more containers that I've scrounged up to contain the smaller of the doo dads!  Got it?

By the way, I was not the least bit impressed with the DVD.  The camera angle was not that good and she went too fast.  Just so ya' know!

I've not been able to find anything suitable to hold everything so I decided to make my own with a remnant that I found at, guess where... Joann's!

My friend/neighbor/fellow road-wife came over yesterday to help guide me in putting all the pieces together since I've never tackled a zipper before.

After much pondering and figuring, this is what we came up with...

I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

It's large enough to fit all my doo dads (with room for more if necessary) and my crochet hook bag yet small enough to fit in my project travel bag, yay!

I showed it to CountryBoy when he got home.  He liked it so much he wants a smaller one for his precision tools.  Go figure!  All though, I kinda figured he'd want one for some reason.  "I need a pouch with a zipper to hold my precision tools."

He calls it a pouch.

My friend/neighbor/fellow road-wife calls it a diddy bag.

What would you call it?

Till next time,


Gail Dixon said...

I think I might buy stock in JoAnn's. :) Great job on the pouch/bag. The pattern is pretty!

Lynn said...

I call it very pretty and practical! You did a great job, especially for tackling a zipper for the first time! Enjoy:@)

Anonymous said...

I call it cute!!

You did a great job on your craft bag! :)

Linda at French Hollow said...

By gosh, I think I'd call it a diddy pouch! (And cute)

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Hmmm...I'd call it a pouch. And it's cute! :)

lisa said...

It's a diddy bag. ;)

lisa said...

It's a diddy bag! ;)

Flat Creek Farm said...

I call it adorable and perfect! How cool is that? And I also love the fact that you have a friend nearby to call on! Fantastic job - just perfect for what it was intended. We have a new Joann's.. when the weather clears, it's one of my first trips :) -Tammy

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I used to hike and camp and little bags were very important. We called them diddy bags, but no matter the name, they are handy.

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