Friday, March 15, 2013

One At A Time Please... NOT

For those of you who know me, you know that I love projects!

Any project.

Indoors, outdoors, creative, DIY, construction.  Yep, any project.

I enjoy the whole process, from beginning to end.

The coming up with the project to physically working on the project to appreciating and enjoying the end results.

Currently, I have no outdoor projects (to which I'm adjusting (although I have been eyeballing the park's picnic table that is badly in need of some sanding and a paint job (good thing I don't have my sander here))) but I have plenty of indoor projects to keep me occupied (and out of trouble, ha!).

In fact, I probably have too many projects going on at the moment.

For starters, I have thoroughly been enjoying making scarves out of the Red Heart Sashay yarn (see Etsy shop on sidebar) and probably have WAY more skeins that I should but, hopefully, they won't stick around long once I've got them made.

I've recently found some new colors that they offer...

... gold, silver, teal, solid black, red and cream, variegated green & tan, blues. etc.

I've made a few of them already and they work up beautifully...

... these are ready to be photographed and listed in my Etsy shop.

I've also started my first quilt.

The top is finished, the batting and backing are in place and it's all basted together to begin the top stitching and quilting...

... I had to wait until I could get to town to get the right color thread before finishing it.  (CountryBoy tickled me one night at dinner when I was talking about the quilt.  He says, "you lost me at basting".  Bahahaha, I knew he was picturing me with the kitchen baster in hand and trying to figure out why and with what was I basting a quilt!!!)

Another project that recently came up is crocheting a baby afghan for a friend...

... can you guess what she's having, heehee?!

Seeing all these projects either half-finished or waiting to be started (and taking up precious space in the 5th wheel) can sometimes be overwhelming and I say to myself, "Self, you should only do one at a time".  Then reality sets in I say, "Yea, right.  Like that will ever happen"!  I simply enjoy the variety of projects that are going at the same time and figure I can do whichever one appeals to me at the time.

Makes perfect sense to me.

So, I will continue to have several projects going at the same time simply for the variety.  Thankfully, I tend to finish the projects that I do start.  I don't think I could stand to see so many unfinished projects lying around and maybe that's what keeps me motivated until it's done.

The difficult part of having so many projects going is deciding which one to work on first, ha!

That's the decision I'm facing as soon as I publish this post.

Hmmm, which one do YOU think I'll start on first today?

Till next time,


Country Gal said...

Glad to see your keeping busy though ! That's the problem with hobbies sometimes you can have to many like Papa here he has lots of hobbies and projects on the go it takes him a long time to finish up just one lol ! But I give him credit he works still . All looks and sounds wonderful looking forward to seeing them all done hope you get photos ! Have a good weekend !

Gail Dixon said...

You are one busy gal! I'm still loving the scarf I ordered from you. Looks like you have so many neat colors there. Your quilt is very sweet.

Ronda Walker said...

Love your first quilt. I've educated Mountain Man about quilting over the years. He can tell if a quilt has been hand quilted and knows what muslin and batting is---what a guy!

Lynn said...

I love the beautiful colors in your quilt! Happy St. Patty's Day Weekend:@)

Debbie Linkous said...

I vote for the baby blanket, but I've got an ulterior motive. The colors are perfect! :)

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Maybe the quilt? It is good to have some variety according to what you wish to work on or the weather or even the available light. It gives your eyes and muscles a break to change between projects too.

Flat Creek Farm said...

It's good to be busy! Your projects are amazing, as always. I'm always impressed with your energy and motivation to *get things done*. Seems I just twirl around in circles sometimes! lol. I do love variety too in my projects. I get bored entirely too easily.. but I do have a problem with finishing things (sigh). Keep us posted on your projects.. I shall craft virtually through you for now.. ok? ;) have a great remainder of the weekend! -Tammy

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh the scarved. The colors are so pretty.

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