Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring and Sprout

It's officially the first day of Spring but today's weather is windy, gray and wintry; not very Spring like at all.

Yesterday would've been a beautiful first day of Spring.

The sun was out with very little wind and it was in the low 70's.

But, despite today's weather, I had a nice surprise show up mid-morning that wasn't there earlier in the day when I fed the birds...

... my first tomato sprout, woohoo!

Ten days ago I planted about a dozen seeds from a Roma tomato in an empty kitty litter bucket in hopes that maybe half of them would sprout.  (I'm in trouble if they all sprout.... yikes, I'll need another bucket or two!)

I used a mixture of approximately half potting soil to half organic, decomposed cow manure.

Every day I checked the bucket and had to water it just about every other day.  It's very dry and windy here.

The top layer of dirt became hard and firm to the touch.  I wasn't sure the sprouts would be able to pop through.

This morning when I fed and watered the birds I checked the bucket to see if water was needed but it was still moist and still no sprouts.

A few hours later I heard a loud thud and figured that a bird had flown into the kitchen window.

I went out to make sure the bird was OK.  Since there wasn't a bird lying underneath the window I figured all was well.

As has been my habit for the past ten days, every time I walk by the bucket I glanced at it as I headed towards the window and noticed my first sprout on this first day of Spring!

I was so excited I pumped the air with my fist and said 'Yessssssss'!  Then ran into the 5th wheel to get my camera to document this momentous occasion.  OK, so maybe it's not momentous, but it IS exciting!

Now I will anxiously be waiting for a few more to hopefully pop up.

Although I may not be at home where my land and garden is I can certainly plant a garden in a few containers that can be taken with us if/when necessary.  I'm determined to grow a bit of our food and have some fresh produce.

Next to be planted will be some red pepper seeds (as soon as I can empty another kitty litter bucket!).

Happy 1st day of Spring, y'all!

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

glad you had a sprout! :)

Anonymous said...

I see some spaghetti sauce in your future! :)

Glad you found a sprout!

Lynn said...

Happy Spring to you and very exciting indeed! Glad to see the sprout and hope it grows hearty:@)

Judy said...

Awe, I wish we could see sprouts popping up :)

Gail Dixon said...

Well, I think it's exciting and worth documenting! Hoping you have much success with your plantings.

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