Monday, January 31, 2011

Where Does the Time Go?

It's hard to believe that the first month of 2011 is almost history!  I've heard some people say that the month just 'flew by'.  Country Boy & I were saying the other day that it seems to have been a particularly long month and it has been rather nice.  The days and weeks did not fly by as they normally do, for some reason.  We have no idea what that reason is, but, we're hoping that February will feel just as long even though there are only 28 days in the month.

I thought today would be a perfect day to 'recap' the month...

First & foremost, would be the renewal of my passion for photography.  Had dinner with a photographer friend earlier in the month and as we began talking about photography, the sparks started flying and before long I was 'hit' with them and I just had to start taking pictures again!  It's been a LONG time since I looked at the world through a camera lens.  So far, I have managed to get outside almost everyday and take some photos.

Starting to blog was another big event in January.  My photog friend introduced me to blogging and after checking out several blogs I was hooked and had to try one of my own, so... here it is!

Country Boy & I have had to get serious with our health & diet.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during the Holidays *smile* and as a result, we gained too many pounds *frown*.  We have gone back to eating wholesome, natural foods, less of it and walking several time a week.  So far so good... Country Boy has lost five lbs. and I have lost three.  Ever so slowly the pounds are disappearing.

I started reburbishing an old milk can that Country Boy & I found up in Arkansas a couple of years ago.  It didn't look all that great, with its peeling, blue paint, so it was pretty cheap.  I've managed to get several layers of paint off but then my sander broke.  Literally.  When I turned it on, I heard an awful, loud snapping sound and then a piece of plastic flew out of it, *sigh*.  So, this project is on hold until I can get a new sander.... Unfortunately, I don't have a before picture, but, here's a photo of the progress so far.

Country Boy planted some radish & beet seeds in the small garden.  We're still waiting for them to show their leafy heads.

Are you still with me?

I did some cleaning, decluttering and reorganizing in our master closet and the pantry.  Getting items ready for a yard sale in early Spring.  Never mind the guestroom which is a disaster because all the yard sale items are being stored in there.  Not sure what I'll do if we have guests between now and the yard sale!

Cleaned and reorganized 'Cat Town'.  It's much more practical now and the kitty residents are sure to like it!  Here are some pics....

Sleeping Quarters

Mess Hall

Cat Town Church

That's it in a nutshell.  I hope that you had enough time last month to do something you enjoy;  whether it's reading a good book or just taking some time for yourself.  Don't let the time fly by... stop and smell the roses; does a body good!  And here's to a Fabulous February!

Till next time,
Gone Country

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