Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fabulous February

Awww... the first of February and my front door is wide open!  It's actually been quite nice, weather-wise, the past few days.  Maybe Spring will be here early this year... one can only hope!  After all, my apple & pear trees think it's spring-time; I have new buds popping up all over them.

Bud on Apple Tree

And by the way, this is my first attempt at adding a texture to my photo!  It wasn't as difficult as I thought but since I am so rusty at photo editing, it took a tutorial to help me remember how simple it was!  This is a free texture from Kim Klassen and I just love it!  I will definately use this one some more!

Country Boy & I came up with a few goals for this month.  Our weight loss goal is five lbs each.  He'll probably have no problem with reaching the goal but I have a much more difficult time losing weight than he does.  Why is that?  Seems I hear all my girlfriends say that their husbands lose much faster than they do.  Well, as long as we're both heading in the right direction that's OK.

A goal for me is to finish refurbishing my milk can.  I worked on it for a couple of hours today and it's coming along slowly (especially sanding by hand) but surely!

Country Boy is planning his garden, and will eventually plant seeds right after the last frost.  He managed to get the garden area tilled today which was a major feat since he hasn't been able to get the tiller working. Thankfully, a neighbor let him borrow his and he got it done in no time!

More items will be added to the yard sale pile as I continue to tackle one space at a time.  I'm thinking the next area will need to be my office/craft room *sigh*.  I dread tackling that space, but, it needs to get done eventually *another sigh*!  So much stuff... so little room!

Just one more photo with a texture (they're so much fun!)...

The texture used in this photo was The Midas Touch and is intended to give the photo a vintage look.  It's pretty cool!

Here's wishing everyone a Fabulous February!

Till next time,
Gone Country

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Debbie Linkous said...

I played a little with textures the other night, and they aren't as difficult as I thought. Good job!

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