Saturday, February 5, 2011


You know when you are just sure something is going to happen or you've been looking forward to something for a while and then it doesn't happen?  *sigh*  Well, that happened to me last night and today.

First, I had, what seemed to be, a definite buyer for my Tenor Saxophone.  Long story short... it didn't work out.  They offered less than what I was asking and I said No.  My original price is more than fair for the condition of the sax and the extras that were included.  I did not want to give it away.  I have to admit, I was extremely disappointed.

She's a beauty!

Then today, my photog friend and I were going to a local State Park to spend the afternoon taking pictures.  We planned this over three weeks ago.  Well, Mother Nature had other plans!  I'm really not complaining about the rain because we truly do need it, but, today of all days, really?!

I mean, I really am happy for the rain.  My newly planted herbs (dill, basil, parsley, chives & catnip) are getting watered along with Country Boy's beets & radishes.  There's nothing like rain water for a garden; does the plants good!

It all boils down to how we handle the disappointments in our lives.  I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and God is still in control no matter the situation.  It's remembering that is where I have difficulty at times!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend whether it's rainy, sunny, windy or snowy!

Till next time,
Gone Country

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Debbie Linkous said...

Nice photo of the sax! Hopefuly we'll make it next week, God willing and Mother Nature cooperates. :)

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