Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

While many of our friends were enjoying this beautiful Florida day, which means they were at the beach, Bikefest, or just loafing, Country Boy and I heard a wonderful sermon on tithing.  Yep, you read that right... Tithing!  Of all things!  Our pastor did a fantastic job of reminding us that everything we have belongs to God and He only asks for 10% to go back to Him to further His work.  He also stressed that the most important factor is not tithing so much as it's a personal relationship with Him!

We then went out to eat some yummy Mexican food with our neighbors (and chauffeurs!), then came home, read up on BeeKeeping and promptly took a nap on the couch!  Ya gotta love lazy Sunday afternoons!

And yes, I said Beekeeping!  Good grief, I can hear my Mom saying now why in the world would we want to keep bees?!  One of the blogs I follow, Jayme from Tales of the Coop Keeper (just love her!), showed a video of her not too long ago where she was getting the honey from the hive.  I could almost smell the delicious honey right through my computer!  And I LOVE honey!  After telling Country Boy about her video and mentioning that we should get some bees, he agreed since he knows how much honey I eat and the price of honey in the grocery store.  Not to mention the price of delicious, RAW honey which is slightly more.  Anyway, we'll do a little studying up on it but hopefully before long we'll be BeeKeepers!

Image courtesy of the Internet

This is actually another step towards our goal of being self-sufficient and living off the land.  The way things are going in this country, I'm glad we're taking these steps now towards becoming self-sufficient.


And for all you Hunter lovers... here's some Hunter silliness!

So much for being a black cat!

Aw!  But who can resist such a face!

I hope you've had a lazy Sunday afternoon also!

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

cute little dirt kitty! :)

one of the blogs I follow has been relocating hives and combining them (since once was too small to survive). it's interesting, to say the least. having to determine if they have a queen, patience, patience, patience, etc.

Debbie said...

Loving me some Hunter! Just want to kiss his little face.!!! I can't wait to see how that pans out. Oh, and the sermon for us yesterday was on tithing too - gee, you think that Someone is trying to get a point across? Loving the way the Lord moves. :)

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