Saturday, April 9, 2011

Simply Saturday

As I deal with the on-going battle of decluttering and simplifying our life, I am constantly reminded that I am NOT making very much headway every time I walk into my office and see the mess on top of my desk.  *sigh* I wake up some days and say "Today is the day I am tackling my desk!"  Then I get in there, sit down, take care of one or two items and then I get overwhelmed and lose my motivation.

I've been thinking that Saturdays would be a good day for me to update you on my progress of simplifying our life.  AND, I believe writing a post every Saturday will help me be accountable and give me a goal to reach each week.  Thus, the birth of 'Simply Saturday'!

As I've been doing some research on the Internet about ways to Simplify, I ran across this website...  CLICK HERE  I don't know much about the Zen concept but I have found this site to be very helpful and informative for some of the areas that I am currently concentrating on.  Check it out if you've been wanting to simplify an area or areas of your life; lots of good info there!

Since I've been trying to tackle 'the dreaded desk', here's a specific link from the above website that I found to be very helpful.  CLICK HERE  I am definitely going to put these procedures into practice this week and I'll update y'all next Saturday on my progress!

Here's the current 'desk situation'...

What else can I say? *sigh*  By this time next week, the desktop will look totally different and a huge weight lifted off my shoulders (or at least off my mind!).  And thanks everyone for keeping me accountable!

I hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

sure, fine. pass the responsibility to us, will you?! :)

Lisa said...

Oh .. my desk looks the same. I need to get some papers and things put back in order.
Thanks for stopping.

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