Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Beauty

This morning I was at my computer and looking out the window.  OK, maybe I was daydreaming a little, teehee, but it was also early and quite awhile ago... who knows what I was doing truth be told!  What I do know is that I saw a flower on one of my African Iris plants.  The first one of the season!  I was so excited, I grabbed my camera of course!  Sometimes, I think I should have it permanently attached to me somehow; it would make it a lot easier and I wouldn't miss so many good shots!  But, since I can't just walk around and take pictures the rest of my life and do nothing else, I guess that wouldn't be practical!  Back to my Africa Iris... are ya ready for it?

Here it is...

Oh so pretty!

I am halfway through my To Do list today.  I had to take a nap for some reason this afternoon which is unusual for me.  But I'm feeling better and can knock the rest of them out fairly quickly.

One of the items on the list is finishing the book I'm reading so I can take it back to my Mom, whom we're visiting, tomorrow.  She's in a book club and gets several books a month, reads them, passes them to me, I pass them to a neighbor who reads them then returns them back to me, then I read them then take them back to my Mom who passes them on to my sister who reads them and returns them back to Mom who then passes them on to a friend who reads them and returns them back to Mom who then donates them to the library in her community.  Whew!  These books get around!  I enjoy reading but I am WAY behind from the years that I was working.  I'm trying to do some catching up now but I don't think I'll ever get ahead and that's OK!  It will be awhile before I run out of books to read *smile*!  There's a joke in our family every time Mom gives me a sack full of books... she gives them to me when Country Boy isn't looking.  He thinks that my bookshelves are going to fall through the floor because I have so many *laugh*!  Maybe he's right, but I love books!  You can learn from them or you can get lost in them.  What's not to love!  I did find a magazine that he was interested in and actually read... The New Pioneer, The Complete Guide to Self-Reliant Living.  Yay!  I haven't had a chance to look at it because he's still reading it but it sounds interesting and we're hoping to learn alot!

I hope you got the things on your To Do (or Honey Do!) list done and found some time to relax and enjoy the beauty around you!  In todays hectic pace of life we can easily get caught up in all the things that we have to do or accomplish that we miss out on the simple joys in life.  Taking some time to 'stop and smell the roses' allows us time to regroup and refresh so that we are better equipped to tackle the To Do lists in our lives!

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

that's a gorgeous iris! different from the 'normal' ones we see!

happy mom visit tomorrow! now, get back to reading, pronto!

Dottie said...

Absolutely beautiful. Haven't seen one that color before. The last picture is breathtaking!

Paul said...

Have a good time in seniors land today and restock your library....:)
Actually got more done on the Todo list yesterday than expected.
I would love to "stop and smell the roses" but with all the trees at this house we don't get enough sun to grow them.....:)
Great pics of the Iris. Have never seen that one.

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