Monday, June 27, 2011

Salt Springs

Last week Country Boy and I went on a short camping trip with some friends to Salt Springs Recreational Area in the Ocala National Forest.  It's a really nice campground with roomy sites and a beautiful, cool, crisp Spring to jump in to cool off!  The Spring is a chilly 72 degrees year round.  I was a wimp this trip and could only get my legs wet this time which was enough to cool me off for a bit.  Country Boy, on the other hand, would walk down a couple of steps into the water and then dive in.  He said that was the only way to do it.  Yea, OK!  Have fun!  He did!  He had his goggles on and would check out all the Springs that were bubbling up.  He would dive down in the deeper ones as far as he could.  I guess he enjoyed the challenge of trying to swim down as far as he could while the force of the Spring was pushing him back up.  He would swim until he was just about chilled to the bone then get out for a while and thaw out!

As usual, I took a bunch of photos so I hope you have your favorite beverage and a snack while I show you around Salt Spring's swimmin' hole!

Country Boy is the one in the blue swim trunks with his face in the water!!

The 'hole' in the center is the Spring.  There are a total of four Springs.

Crystal clear, cold water!

I have plenty more photos to show you but I think I'll break it up into several posts!

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

how neat!!!

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

What a great place! I Love the picture of the fish. Looks like it might be somehow connected to Silver Springs in Ocala. I have never heard of Salt Springs, I may have to go check it out. I look forward to your others posts and pictures.

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