Saturday, October 29, 2011

Early Morning

One morning last week Country Boy awoke early and couldn't get back to sleep.  While lying there in the dark, wide awake, he decided he'd like to go fishing.  After nudging me and asking me if I was awake, I mean really?, of course I'm awake NOW... what a silly question!  Anyway, he proceeded to ask me if I wanted to go with him.  I don't do fresh-water fishing (I like deep-sea fishing) but I like to tag along for the company and for an opportunity to take some pictures.

So, we got out of bed, made some coffee, hooked the boat up, packed some snacks and water, grabbed a book and the camera bag and off we went.  It was still dark.  ZZZzzz.

The river was quite murky in spots and we had to paddle through it to get to the lake.  Once the sun started coming up I was wondering how long we would be able to stay out.

It was quite cloudy yet pretty.

Speaking of sleep, I just have to tell y'all how much we are loving Country Boy's new work schedule.  On the days that he works he is home every night now and gets to sleep in his own bed!  What a joy that is to actually get a full nights' sleep!  Lack of sleep takes a toll on you both physically and mentally and if you've never worked a 24 hour shift on a consistent basis it's difficult to comprehend.  Working 10, 12, 16 hour days is still difficult but the fact that one can sleep in their own bed without fear of interruption is HUGE!  What a difference it has made in our lives!  We are so grateful!  I digress...

The sun trying to peek through the thick layer of clouds.

We left around noon and luckily didn't get rained on!

Country Boy caught a couple nice Bass.  He was happy!


I have to do laundry today and it's raining.  Time to get creative with an indoor clothesline of some sort!  I have visions of clothes taking over my front porch!  Rain was in the forecast for yesterday so I didn't do laundry... it wasn't supposed to be raining today *sigh*.  I believe the only job where you can consistently be wrong and still keep your job is that of a weatherman *laugh*!

I hope y'all have a great weekend!

Till next time,


Country Gal said...

Oh I know all to well about lack of sleep I suffed from insomnia for years nothing helped or worked for me and because of it my health went down lack of sleep can cause all kinds of illnesses.But now there is a wonderful pill that puts me to sleep and keeps me as sleep for a full 7 hours. I love fishing did some this summer. Lovely photos. I have a drier for the days I cant hang my laundry out sort of a back up lol. Have a wonderful day !

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

How nice to be able to bring home fresh fish for dinner. And get some lovely photos at the same time.

CountryDew said...

I use drying racks in the garage to "hang" clothes all the time. I can't use a clothesline because I am so allergic to pollen that if it gets on my clothes I can't wear them, but the drying racks work fairly well.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that he has a new 'better' schedule. That must surely be an answered prayer. I've been married over 19 years and we have always been on different shifts...and he has always been on the graveyard shift or evenings. I've prayed for years that he would get a day shift job so we could raise our kids together, instead of me being a single parent. That is one reason I started homeschooling 3 years ago. He only saw the kids Sundays. I still have hope that one day he will be home with us at night - someday.

Sometimes, I have clothing strung all over the house drying. LOL I also have a drying rack that I got from Wal-mart that comes in handy too.

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