Friday, October 28, 2011

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

After cleaning out the coop yesterday (and letting the dust settle), I went back in and sat on my little stool to watch the chicks.  One of my followers asked if I get anything done?  I do, but it's difficult to walk away from these cuties *smile*!

When I walk in, they're usually sleeping, but after I've been sitting for a few minutes they head for the feeder or the waterer.

That's a mess o' chicks!  They're growing really fast which is bittersweet.  Chicken Mama would love for them to stay small and cute but, then again, Chicken Mama is anxious for some farm fresh eggs also!

For those of you reading my blog for the first time, I have 13 Americaunas which will lay green eggs, 13 Rhode Island Reds that will lay brown eggs and one rare exotic chick that was sent to us for free from the hatchery that I ordered them from.  I'm curious to see what breed she or he will end up being!

I wonder what makes them want to eat and drink while I'm in there?  Of course, actually seeing them eat and drink makes Chicken Mama very happy!

Check out their wings and can you see her little tail in the photo above?

I enjoy watching them drink... throwing their heads back to swallow!

So far, everyone appears to be quite healthy.

After their little bellies are full it's time to be merry!  They run across the coop flapping their wings as they go and 'peeping' the whole time!  After their exercise, it's time to preen themselves (which will be another post!) and then they start settling in for another nap.  That's when I have to tear myself away so that I can get something done *laugh*!

After leaving the coop, I checked the fall garden.

There are flowers on the cucumber plant, the cantaloupes and green beans.   The tomatoes, green peppers, okra and purple hull peas are growing nicely but have no blooms on them yet.  We do have some green beans growing though...

We're hoping for enough at one time to do some canning to put away for winter.

There have been lots of butterflies and moths hitting the blooms in the garden and the Dianthus that surround the outside of the garden.

The God-given instincts of nature are amazing!  There aren't any blooms on the Purple Hull peas that this moth is on so I'm not sure why he was lighting all around these plants... must be a reason!  I'm just glad the little pollinators are doing their jobs!

Happy Friday!

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

So cute! Our Americauna lays blue eggs, so you might get some blue with the green! :-)

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh they are so sweet. B

TexWisGirl said...

those tiny little feathers are so amazing. :)

Country Gal said...

They are soo cute ! Awesome photos. I miss having chickens and all but Papa and I are working towards our hobbie farm in the future like the one I grew up on with everything from Banty hens to cows and everything in between but this time we want minatures. We had a hard hit of frost last night all has taken to migration weeks ago now ! Have a wonderful day.

Tammy said...

They're getting bigger :)

I am curious about the green eggs. I've never heard of such a think, except for in Dr. Suess' book ;)

Mary said...

I need to take some photos of Chirpy Birdy -- the chick that was in the house for awhile. You won't believe how big he/she is!

They are little for such a short time -- and are so much fun to watch, I agree. :)

Debi said...

Just the cutest little babies. I love it when they they drink the water. We will enjoy the pictures watching them grow. Everyone else seems to be getting snow and getting ready for a frost, so I'm envious of your fall garden. Fall seemed to just vanish here.

Unknown said...

Adorable!!! Fun sto see spring chicks in late Fall!!! I could watch mine all day too! Great post!

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