Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Great Finds

The other day, Country Boy & I took a coupla' boxes over to our local thrift store.  They were happy for the donations and I was happy to have the stuff outta' my house!  Definitely a win-win situation!

While we were there, we couldn't resist meandering through the store to see what kinds of goodies were waiting to be snatched up and given a new home with new life and purpose!  I was never one to shop in these kinds of stores in my younger days.  But, the older (and more mature!) I get, I have found that one can find really good stuff at really reasonable prices.  And with today's economy, who doesn't love a good bargain?

I found this really cute skirt...

That will go great with my pink boots!

I also found these napkins...

which I believe may be vintage because of the cutout design and finishing work.

I may be wrong about the vintage part, but for .50 cents, it's a great deal even though there were only 3 napkins.

I also enjoy browsing thrift and secondhand stores because I like the idea of conservation.  I try to reuse, recycle and repurpose as many things as I can.  It's less wasteful and very practical.  Those two concepts seem to have gotten lost in today's fast-paced, disposable society.  Look at all the waste created from man-made foods filling up our land-fills and dumps, to just name one.   There's also the way they package things these days.  Have you tried to get into one of those vacuum-sealed, hard plastic containers lately?  Good grief!  One has to have a really good pair of scissors or you'll end up cutting yourself!

A county north of us needs another dump.  They don't want it in their county so they're asking to put it in our county.  Really?  Just because the majority of the county is rural doesn't mean we want a dump!  Most of us take care of our own trash and some of us even have very little trash to begin with.  Knowing the greed of our county commissioners, I am sorry to say that, it will probably happen.

When something breaks, we tend to throw it away and buy a new one rather than fixing it.  Granted, sometimes it's not worth the money that it would take to get it fixed, unfortunately.  Which leads me to another point... they just don't make things like they used to.  Buying an older item from a thrift store that was made better and made to last seems like a good idea to me rather than a newer, cheaply made item!  An item probably made in China!

I am also striving to buy items made in the USA.  It has been difficult to do.  Who knew that almost everything that is available for consumers nowadays was imported!  Start checking the tags and you'll find that we don't make very much stuff here!  There are a lot of people who need jobs... let's make some stuff here AND people will have jobs!  Seems simple enough to me!  Yea, I know it's cheaper to make it overseas. but, you get what you pay for!

Wow!  I really jumped onto a soapbox!  Sorry 'bout that!  Back to my original point... check out your local thrift store and see what goodies you can find.  One man's junk is another man's treasure!

No phone call yet from my post office to come pick up my chicks *sigh*... I'm still Ready & Waiting!

Till next time,


Anonymous said...

LOVE the skirt you found! I love those boots too! (I have a pair of black Ariat Fatbaby boots just like'em) The pink ones are too cute! ;)

Those napkins do look vintage, don't they? Like you, I would never have been caught dead in a thrift store, but with age comes wisdom, right? :)

I love shopping around in a thrift store now!

Lisa said...

I love your vintage find. Yes its old Im sure of it. I have set my Mom had gotten at an Antique Dealers and its almost like yours .
Love you Boots. ::)

Mary said...

Those napkins almost look like handkerchiefs, they are so dainty. Great finds! :)

CountryDew said...

I liked your soapbox. :-)

TexWisGirl said...

thanks for the good reminders. :) i have a tablecloth and napkin set similar to those - from my husband's grandmother.

Tracy said...

Here! Here! I couldn't agree more...sometimes my best finds come from the Goodwill and makes me feel good I am helping support their cause as well!

beth said...

no longer a question....i need cowboy boots !!

{thanks for the well wishes}

Samantha said...

That skirt is it!

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