Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ready & Waiting

My chicks are to arrive any time between Wednesday and Saturday.  Oh, how I pray that it is earlier and not later.  I have somewhat patiently waited long enough!

The Chicken Cabin is ready for the little ones!

You can read THIS to find out how I cleaned and disinfected the coop last Spring to make ready for the chicks that we never received  (long story that I won't go into).   Since the coop had already been cleaned, it was easy to sweep out the dirt and leaves and a few spider webs that took up residence in the empty coop.

Country Boy added the temporary heat lamp and threw down some hay.  Unfortunately, I am allergic to hay so I am not able to help with spreading the hay or cleaning up.  I know, it's a shame!  No really, it is.  Because I really don't mind cleaning up and taking care of my girls!  I guess I'll just stick to spoiling them with kitchen scraps and scratch and gathering eggs.  When they're older, of course!

For now, the young'uns will get non-medicated Start & Grow which we picked up the other day at the feed store down the road.  And, they'll huddle under the lamp until they start getting some feathers.

We put a board across the lower portion of the door out to the porch and the chicken run until they're big  enough to start exploring the outdoors!

I'm really trying hard NOT to get my hopes up that I will receive a call first thing tomorrow morning from the post office saying come pick up your birds!  It's not easy!

But, if they do call... I'm ready!

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

i can feel your anticipation! like a ketchup commercial!

Lynn said...

The coop looks great! I hope you get that call soon-enjoy:@)

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

What a nice chicken cabin. They will be very happy living in there. We use pine shavings in our coop. I used straw for a while, which they love scratching through, but it was just too dusty for my allergies. Enjoy your chicklets!

Christine said...

Hope you get those biddies soon! Love the chicken house; very unique! They even have their own porch swing!

Lisa said...

What a lovely place. Cant wait to see the chickens also.

Flat Creek Farm said...

I'm SOooo happy you're getting chickens again!! (I'm pretty sure you had them before?). LOVE the coop - it is perfect! Someone mentioned pine shavings? That's what I use. I've read the negatives, but nary a problem here w/ it yet. Enjoy!!-Tammy

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