Friday, November 11, 2011

Mama's Boy

With the cooler morning temperatures that we've been having lately, I'll sometimes put my soft and fuzzy, extra-large pink bathrobe on and head out to feed the animals.  After it warms up, I'll toss it on the bed and go about my business.

The other day, I found this in my bathrobe...
Hunter!  All warm and cozy!

He loves anything soft and fuzzy!
He's a snuggler too.  On cold nights, he likes to sleep in the crook of my arm.  He's such a Mama's Boy!

He's also as silly as they come!  The other morning, Country Boy and I were enjoying a cup of coffee while sitting around a campfire.  One of my other black cats, Precious, was comfortably laying on my lap when all of a sudden, we heard this loud BANG behind us.  Precious tore off my lap (leaving a few scratches on my leg) and Country Boy and I whipped our heads around to see what all the noise was about.  We see Hunter trying to hang on for dear life to the tin roof of the lean-to that Country Boy just built off the pump house to store our wood for the winter. Hunter had all twenty claws out trying to get a grip.  All that did for him was help him slide off the tin roof faster!  Fingernails down a chalkboard I tell ya'!  He slid right off, hind end first, flipped over and landed on his feet.  I have him a 10 for form and for sticking the landing!  He looked around to see who all just saw that, brushed it off and continued on about his morning like nothing ever happened!  It was too funny!

What was funnier was the look that Precious was giving him after she had recovered from the BANG.  She was definitely giving him the stink eye!  He just ignored her!  If only we knew what was really going on in their heads!

Happy Friday y'all!

Till next time,


Country Gal said...

Loved the way you told this story I was gigling the entire time remembering our farm cats doing just the same thing on our tin roof of our barn when I was a kid, but one of my poor boys Fluffy did die from a fall from a roof it was sad these things happen. Sweet kitty photos all cuddled up in your robe. Have a wonderful day !

TexWisGirl said...

he's adorable in 'his' pink robe. :)

Christine said...

What a cutie snuggled up in your robe. Pets are a constant source of amusement aren't they!

Anonymous said...

lol that is why i love cats they are so entertaining and cute : )

Mary said...

I find black cats to be particularly entertaining. I have two males that talk to me and are always fun to watch. :)

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