Saturday, November 12, 2011

Simply Saturday & A Photography Challenge

In my efforts to simplify our lifestyle over the past several months, my guest room has become the 'catch-all' room for those items that I have decided I don't need anymore or I'm not sure what to do with.  It looks more like a hazardous waste zone at the moment rather than a guest room!

We have company coming next weekend so I will be focusing on getting that room in order, pronto!  I don't know about y'all, but, on projects that require some decision making, I usually need a motivating factor to get it done.  Having company is my motivating factor and I am thankful for it!  We can't wait to see and visit with my brother and sister-in-law!

What needs to be done?  I need to continue sorting through recipes and deciding whether to keep or toss it.  My decision factor?  If it contains items that I don't normally keep stocked in my pantry or is difficult to obtain in my neck of the woods then it's tossed.  Simple as that.  It just takes time to go over the recipes.

What else needs to be done this week to get the guest room back in shape?  Finding a place to store the items that are not currently in use but that I am not getting rid of such as a hand-carved end table we brought back from Honduras, a telescope, a one-of-a-kind, handmade, octagon kitchen table (that is my sewing table at the moment) and four chairs, stack of magazines I haven't read yet and paperwork that I don't know if I need to keep or can toss.  Decisions, decisions...  Get the idea?  I will be ecstatic to get that room done though!

Now for some randomness...

I read on a photography blog somewhere that you should never delete any of your photos.  I questioned that theory because there are some shots that would take quite an imagination to ever be useful in my opinion.  I do delete the ones that are blurry or are extremely over or under exposed.  But, since I was trying to figure out the best way to categorize and organize all my photos I had not deleted any others.  Turns out she's right!  As I was going through my 6,000+ photos while working on my Christmas project, I came across some photos that did not hit me the first time as being anything that I liked, yet later, I thought they had some potential.

Here are some of those photos...

A bit of Spring colors for ya' during this Fall season!

I'm a believer now... I'm not going to delete any photos that aren't blurry or extremely exposed.  How 'bout you?

I think time helps too.  When I originally shot these photos and began to view and edit them, I was looking for a particular look, lighting, composition, artistic impression, etc.  Looking at them again at a later time, with nothing in particular in mind for these shots, I saw them in a whole new light so to speak.  I realized that there was some artistry in the image and that it had potential that I missed earlier because of my preconceived ideas.

I encourage you to go back through some of your older photos and see if you find an image(s) that strikes you differently now... simply tossing aside preconceived photographic ideas!  I hope to see some of them posted on your blogs!

Enough procrastinating... I must begin tackling that guest room now!

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend!

Till next time,


DeanO said...

Lol, good luck on your cleaning project. With today's digital camera's we can store so much information that our hard drives quickly begin to fill. Burn all the digital photographs to DVD and clear the hard drive. Lovely the way

TexWisGirl said...

those are beautiful shots. good luck with the clean-out!

deb duty said...

Glad you gave your photos a second look. These are beautiful and so colorful too!

Debi said...

You have beautiful pictures. Maybe your company will like looking at all your shots. Company coming has always been a good motivator for me to clean well too.

Country Gal said...

Good luck with your cleaning the room I am sure you will figure out what to do with all your stuff. As for the photos I myself have over 20 thousand photos as for Papa well about the same lol because we dont delete all of them but I dont touch them up in any way either but Papa does his photos, way back before digital I developed my own film and didnt even then get rid of any its amazing when you go back to them you find something in them that you didnt in the first place ! Awesome photos by the way ! Papa and I also have a photography blog, Have a wonderful day.

A New England Life said...

Get a few clear plastic totes and start filling them up! It can be the perfect solution, plus you can label them and see what's inside. Perfect solution. Maybe not so much for the table and chairs though ; )

I don't delete any photos unless they are blurry. You just never know. Sometimes I think I should delete more because I have thousands and thousands of photos. Some are labeled some are not. Yikes!

Love your photos! We had a little Gold Finch yesterday that looked similar to yours but without any yellow at all.

Anonymous said...

Sorting through everthing does take a lot of time, but it is sooo wonderful when you're done!!!
I'm afraid most of my photos are truly not worth saving. They are not anything like yours - they're beautiful!
Wishing you a lovely Sunday!
~ Zuzu

Anonymous said...

Sorting through everthing does take a lot of time, but it is sooo wonderful when you're done!!!
I'm afraid most of my photos are truly not worth saving. They are not anything like yours - they're beautiful!
Wishing you a lovely Sunday!
~ Zuzu

Mary said...

I totally agree. Some shots take a second look and with a bit of editing, they are great! :)

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