Thursday, July 12, 2012

The New Bird Perch

When I created the flower bed in front of the house this past Spring, I added a trellis with a Pink Mandevilla planted at its base.  The Mandevilla is climbing its way up the trellis but the trellis also serves as a perch for many of my wild birds.

Yesterday, I heard a loud noise on the front porch so I went to investigate.  I saw Precious standing in the corner looking out towards the front yard.  I followed where she was looking and saw a hawk perched on the trellis.  (I'm not sure what the noise was.  I'm guessing Precious made a sudden jump or move because of the hawk causing the noise.)

I ran to our bedroom to grab my camera and to snap some photos.

They have extremely good hearing as it turned its head toward me whenever I was moving around the bedroom.

I hid behind the curtains and snapped these photos between the blinds!

This is why my chickens have to stay in their run.  We have lots of hawks out here that would love to have some chicken for dinner.

Till next time,


Dottie said...

They also would like little doggies. Watch out for LizzieBell.

TexWisGirl said...

just like a parakeet on a dowel. :)

Gail Dixon said...

Oh my goodness! I'd be afraid to let my little dog out in the yard alone. You got some great shots of this beautiful bird.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! What a fantastic photo! He looks like he's posing for you.

We have several red tailed hawks here that swoop in and grab my birds right off the feeders. Last month, the 3 pound chihuahua was on the porch and one of the hawks came flying right through the porch! It scared us almost to death. Every one of us jumped and screamed, we thought for sure that hawk was going to get him. Thank God it didn't.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Yikes! But you did get some fabulous shots of this beauty! We have many hawks around here as well. Sometimes I feel so guilty for keeping the girls (and boys) locked up in their run. Then I observe the shadow of a hawk flying overhead and I'm reminded why! -Tammy

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