Thursday, November 8, 2012

Surgery Update & Priorities

LizzieBelle's surgery went well.  Thanks to all who said a prayer and for your encouraging comments yesterday.  The vet said her pre-op blood work was good and she did fine during the surgery and there were no complications.  She is recuperating nicely and is currently snuggled under her blanket in one of her many beds throughout the house and front porch!  This bed happens to be in the office.  She has to be near me which is so sweet!

The vet told me she was going to clean her teeth as well yesterday at no extra charge, yay!  But, she found three bad teeth so she extracted them.  (I did have to pay for that though, sigh.)

They were front teeth so LizzieBelle will still have no problem with eating crunchy food.  The rest of her teeth are nice and shiny.

We're having a cold snap here and with her thin hair she gets cold easy.  I can't put her sweater on her because it may irritate her incision so I'm going to make her a few more blankets.

I bought some warm fleece and some quilt binding at our superstore and that is one of the priorities for today.

I can't decide if I'm going to make two larger blankets or four smaller ones.  Decisions, decisions...

But, before I can get to that priority (because I can't bear to see her shivering) I have another priority to tackle.  This purging mess...

Why is that a priority?  Because I can't get to my sewing machine, ha!  Can you find my machine in this photo?

Here's a hint...

It's by the window with a small path to get to it.

I'm tellin' ya... serious purging going on.  Anyhoo, I need to finish in this room and get it organized so that I can move on to the next room AND so that I can get to my sewing machine!

Another priority today is preserving a mess o' greens that I picked yesterday during LIzzieBelle's surgery.  (It kept me occupied so that I didn't worry!)  Some friends from church have a beautiful garden full of various greens, cabbage and broccoli.  They called to see if I wanted any greens since they were ready to be harvested.  I said 'Sure'!  I love greens.  Any kind of greens and to have the opportunity to have some homegrown greens is a sheer delight!

We picked mustard, collard and turnip greens and then began the long process of cleaning them.  I was so thankful for their offer to help me wash them.  I think I would still be washing them if it weren't for their help!

After a couple of washing's, we bagged them up and I brought them home.

Two stuffed grocery bags of each kind of greens.   Mmmmm!

I'm going to give them one more washing and then can the turnip greens and then possibly freeze the mustard and collards.  It takes 90 minutes to process the greens so that's why I might freeze the others just for time's sake.  We'll see, though, how all the priorities go today.

I have a few other things I'd like to accomplish today.  While they're not top priorities, they do need to get done in the next day or two.  Things like listing items on my Etsy site, re-doing my blog layout, making sure the check book is squared away, paying bills, burning the trash, start designing my 2013 calendar, etc.

Mercy, if I'm ever going to get even some of that done I'd better get to it!

Till next time,


Debbie Linkous said...

You make me tired just reading! I love greens too - we need to go check out that hydroponics farm again!

Debbie Linkous said...

You make me tired just reading! I love greens too - we need to go check out that hydroponics farm again!

Debbie Linkous said...

Silly phone app - sorry about the duplicate LOL

Patrice said...

It makes me so happy to see what loving care you're giving LizzieBelle. Keep up the good work!

Gail Dixon said...

I have never seen so many greens assembled in one place! My mother used to love them, but she hated cleaning them. When she became really ill, she would give them to her laundry lady, who adored them.

So glad LizzieBelle is doing so well, with clean teeth to boot! Sorry she lost three, but at least it won't interfere with mealtime. That pink and white blankie looks like my Izzy's blanket!

Country Gal said...

WOW ! Busy women aren't you ? Glad all went well for LizzieBelle . Have a good day !

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