Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Scenery

It's cloudy and gray today.

It's drizzling off and on.

These are the mountains across the street from us.

The clouds are low.

It's nice to have this kind of day every once in a while in the desert.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Till next time,


Anonymous said...

Wow, so gorgeous, those white clouds against the blue mountains. I tried to think of where this might be, where you live. It looks like high desert some place in the west... Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #67!

betty-NZ said...

What a great view to have so close! The land may change little, but the clouds are always dancing and twirling and looking different all the time.

Lynn said...

Cool pics! Have a great weekend:@)

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Fantastic clouds!

Gail Dixon said...

Beautifully captured scenes. Those low lying clouds are amazing. Love how it goes from gray to blue to white to blue, then green to brown. Wonderful images!

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