Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spray Paint vs. Handles

First of all, I just want to say that, for once, it would be nice to have more comments in my Inbox than the number of Spam I receive.  120+ followers and only a couple of comments while the Spam box has tons of 'comments'.

Any other bloggers out there getting inundated with Spam mail?  They always seem to 'attack' one particular post.  Any ideas on how to remedy this situation other than enabling the dreaded Captcha?  Should I delete that post or will they just find another to 'attack'?

OK, back to my regularly scheduled post...

We bought an older 5th wheel in the summer of 2011.  It's a 1997 Dreamer made in Washington state.  An older couple had it and took very good care of it so other than a good scrub down (just because that's what I do when I get anything that's been used by someone else) it needed very little TLC from us when we got it.

Even though the 5th wheel's decor was really not my colors nor style it would do.  The price was right and the kitchen had counter space!  Both very important details.  I could live with it.

What I couldn't live with were the many gold-tone fixtures throughout this thing.  Don't get me wrong, I like  gold!  I like wearing it.  But I don't want to see it on my walls or cabinets.   Not that there's anything wrong with gold-tone fixtures it's just not me.

So, we immediately set out to fix that.

CountryBoy took all the light fixtures down and I painted them with a brushed nickel spray paint.  We also replaced the bathroom towel rods and toilet paper holder with new brushed nickel ones.

Much better.

That's all we did at the time but all the drawer and cabinet handles in here were gold-tone with ivory as well. Sigh!

38 handles all together.  Big sigh!  And many of them were looking pretty rough.

Well, after being in here day in and day out, I could no longer take all those gold-tone handles staring at me.

They were everywhere.  The kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom.

It was time to remedy this situation and since the price of replacing all of them would've been outrageous it was time for my trusty ol' spray paint.

So, earlier in the week when I went to Walmart, I picked up two cans of brushed nickel spray paint, some Old English and some rags.

Time to get to work.

I'm starting with the drawer handles since they are the easiest.

After cleaning (and degreasing the kitchen handles) I taped the ivory center and started spraying.

Two, sometimes three, light coats did the trick.

Before putting the handles back on, I wiped the drawer fronts down with the Old English.

I'm really pleased with the way they're turning out.

I have a few more drawer handles to finish today provided the weather cooperates.  It has to be warm enough for the paint to set AND not windy.  That combination has been rare around here so far!

Once those few are finished then I will have 14 out of 38 handles done!

The cabinets will take me longer as I plan to completely remove the cabinet doors a few at a time so that I can spray the hinges as well, polish the doors and rehang them.

It's a project that will take me a while but that's OK because I love projects of any sort!  (They tend to keep me out of trouble, ha!)

How' bout you?  Do you have any projects you're working on right now?

Till next time,


Anonymous said...

I'm with you...I like brushed nickel or bronze any day over the gold stuff. I got rid of everything gold 10 years ago and sent it back to the 1980's. :)

I'm getting a ton of spam comments as well on one particular post. Very odd.


Mary said...

These turned out so nicely! But that's alot of work. :)

Gail Dixon said...

I'm with you on gold fixtures; really not my taste. But you did an amazing job on these. Once again I'm impressed with your DIY projects. Btw, I wore the scarf today and loved it! Thank you again.

I have my settings set to accept only registered users and have had no spam. I hate the captcha thing. Good luck!

Debbie Linkous said...

Looking good! The Olde English is making a big difference too! :)

Andrea said...

Yes good job, it turned out great. I also did a couple of chair and a center table last holidays using 2 spray bottles. I am not into this job, so i didn't know the proper steps. I worked on wood and didn't put putty so the finished product is not as good, but i learned.

Regarding the spammers, that is my problem too, and i wonder why it has to be those particular posts! Who will be reading their comments anyway, they are old posts, i don't know their secrets. If you learned the strategy please alert us again.

Linda at French Hollow said...

Great job on the knobs! Do you have any suggestions for an ugly 80s lacquer dresser? It has built in "brass" trimmed handles that go all the way across the top of the drawer...eeewww...I haven't found anyone who has tackled one of these beauties!

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