Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This Is What I'm Thinking

That it is good to be stuck in my little fifth wheel day in and day out.

LizzieBelle and I took CountryBoy to work yesterday.  An hour and a half round trip.  Three hours total of my day gone.

Since I have no vehicle (I'm STILL very upset that an idiot totaled my Jeep and STILL trying very hard to forgive him) I decided I would take Hubby to work so that I could take some packages to the post office and to also do the weekend chores allowing CountryBoy a nice long weekend at home staying off his feet.

Although I dreaded all the driving I thought I would enjoy my day running errands and being able to casually browse if I wanted.

But, no, I did not.

The current town we shop in is the largest town we've been near since we've been on the road.  It is crowded with shops and lots and lots of traffic and people.  I don't like it.

By the end of the day I found myself literally saying that I couldn't wait for the day when I never had to go to town again to shop. Or at least, to grocery shop.

The day when we will be eating whatever we grow and put up for the winter and doing without if we don't have it.

And, when I do have to go to town?  I want it to be a small town.  I might survive that. *wink*  Big cities?  I can't handle them anymore.  I don't want to handle them.  The congestion.  The fast-pace.  "Makes my insides jump" as my dear Mother used to say.

Yep. I'm thinking that after 50 years of life here on this earth that I have completely lost my city born roots.  And I'm OK with that.  Really OK.  In fact, I am excited about our future.  Excited to find a farm, plant a garden, raise chickens, goats & a dairy cow, keep bees, spend the summer harvesting our crops and canning.   I know it sounds crazy and is a lot of work.  It's not something most people seek when they retire but, hey, we aren't like most people. And, no wise-crack comments from those of you who know us, ha!

I'm also thinking that I may retire this blog for the time being.

Our lives have drastically changed since I wrote my first blog post.  I am no longer able to blog about happenings at our old homestead or take pictures of our garden and chickens, etc.

I've been trying to plug away at it while on the road but it's just not working out.

Hours spent preparing a post only to have minimal views and/or comments.

I'm thinking it's time to move on.

Maybe one day I can resurrect this ol' blog.  One day when we're back on country roads.

For now?  I'm considering a new blog about my latest projects whether it be sewing, crocheting, quilting, crafting, a project in the fifth wheel, etc.  The new blog will also help me get connected with other bloggers who craft and will help me build a network of individuals interested in things handmade and hopefully some potential customers.

These projects are how I fill the long hours of being stuck in the fifth wheel. I'm good with that.  Remember the whole 'going to town' thing I mentioned earlier?  Yea, I like being home.  In order to keep making stuff I need to sell some of them which also provides a tiny bit of income. Not a lot of income since I like to use quality supplies which can be costly but enough for me to buy more supplies and add a small amount towards our future farm.

These projects take a lot of time to make.  Marketing takes a lot of time.  The same person trying to do both?  Almost impossible especially with the normal day-to-day responsibilities that must be done as well.

A new blog will also allow only the people that want to read about my projects to do so rather than those that wanted to read about farm life being subjected to yet another post about a project.

I currently have a page on Facebook where I post my projects so the next step would be a blog.  (Oh, if you're on Facebook and want to follow me on there here's the link Gone Country Creations.  Don't forget to hit the Like button on the page while you're there! And a Share would be appreciated too!)

It's still a thought in process but if you're interested in the new blog just leave me a comment and I will email you the link when it is up and running. Make sure I have your email address and that 'Do Not Reply' is not checked in your settings.

I'm thinking that this post is long enough already and I've yet to share very many photos to help break it up, so, I will leave you with a photo I shared on Facebook of my sweet LizzieBelle plum tuckered out!

Thanks to those of you who have stuck by me these past few years through all the changes.  Y'all are awesome and I hope to see you at GoneCountryCreations!



Ronda Walker said...

I'll miss hearing about your adventures on the road. Please let me know when you start your new blog.

Debbie Linkous said...

Where you go...I go.... ;)

I get it - I hate being in the city too. Traffic makes me incredibly nervous anymore. Give me a beach, an umbrella, my one true love and good friends to enjoy it with and I'm a happy girl.

Terra said...

I will miss your blog and send me an email when you start your new one, my email is thekilns at excite dot com

Country Gal said...

I to will miss your blog but I do like the sound of the new one ! Us to we cant stand any cities love our little country towns with Ma and Pa shops and little family owned businesses . I was raised in the country and it is in my blood . Please let me know when you have started your new blog . Miggs send sloppy kisses to LizzieBelle ! Have a good week and good luck with the new idea !

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I will miss hearing of your adventures, and your photograph. I'll certainly check out your new blog!

Gail Dixon said...

Sorry I have been absent. I'm a bit burned out on blogging lately. It's good to see LizzieBelle again and to catch up with what's going on with you. I think I'm more active on FB now than my blog, so I'll go follow you there. My best to all of you in your adventures!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

I'm not one for cities either, although we live in a country town which is called a city, with only 15,000 people. Quiet living, but close enough to facilities sounds ideal.

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