Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Farmstead Plans - Upstairs Landing

Since it's going to be a while before we can get to the farm and actually start reclaiming it I thought I'd fill y'all in on some of the plans we have in mind for the place.

As the house stands now, it is liveable and fully functional for two people but, it has SO much more potential and we fully intend to tap into that potential and bring this farmhouse to life!

Our plan is to start upstairs and work our way down.

The current layout of the upstairs is a nice size landing with a non-functioning, decorative fireplace and three rooms.

(Please note:  photos are courtesy of Joyce Marcum Realty and Pinterest)

This is the landing.  It's a fairly good size space so I intend to use this as my sewing and craft storage area.

First up will be removing the border then adding a fresh coat of paint.  I haven't chosen a paint color yet but it will most likely be a pale, warm color in the yellow family or a creamy off-white to help lighten the space.

Then, we will decide on the best way to organize the space so that it is functional and practical yet inviting and inspiring.

Here are some storage and organizing ideas I've pinned on Pinterest...

I like the idea of the fabric enclosed in a glass cabinet.  The fabric is protected from the elements but since it can be seen it provides color and visual interest to the space while inspiring creativity.

The above space is very practical and the island of cabinets could serve a dual purpose; as storage as well as a cutting table.  Something similar to this would serve me well in my space.

Wow!  That's a LOT of fabric.  AND sewing machines!  I doubt I will ever have that many of either but it is great way to store and display all those beautiful cuts of fabric!

Speaking of sewing machines, one of these days I would like to own a Singer Featherweight such as this...

They're portable, lightweight, great for piecing quilts or taking to a class and they're old and would be a classic addition in the farmhouse!

Also in the landing is a decorative fireplace...

I believe this was a fully functioning wood fireplace at one time but since the chimney has been removed it is now just for decoration.

That will need to be remedied since there is no central heat in the house therefore no way of heating the upstairs during the winter months.  So, rather than hauling wood up the stairs we are planning on having a gas heater installed.  I hope to find something similar in style as the existing fireplace so that we won't stray too much from the originality of the house.

As you can see in the first photo there is no natural light source in the landing.  We are going to have some Solatube's installed that will bring in natural light in the space and will help cut down on the need for having to use lights/lamps which we would need to use even during the day since there are no windows in the space.

In case you're not familiar with Solatubes here's how they work and what they look like...

We had these installed in our bathroom and living room of our previous house and they are awesome!  (And, no, I am not being compensated for mentioning them.  Too bad, ha!)

I'm thinking maybe two small, possibly medium, size Solatube's in the landing should bring in plenty of natural light.  We'll see what the installer recommends for that size space.

We will also beef up the railing around the staircase and make it a little more rustic looking by using sanded and shellacked tree limbs or some salvaged/reclaimed wood.

Those are the plans for the landing for now.  Most likely those plans will change and evolve but ya gotta start somewhere!

I'd love to hear any ideas or suggestions you may have regarding this space.  Don't be shy, let's hear 'em!


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Debbie Linkous said...

Whatever you decide to do will be fabulous, I'm sure! Can't wait to watch the transformation of this beautiful farmhouse.

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