Monday, January 5, 2015

Bursting With Excitement!

Happy 2015 y'all!l

It's the fifth day of the new year and I'm already about to explode with excitement!

But first, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that your new year is starting off on the right foot.

CountryBoy and I had a wonderfully fun-filled, food-filled, Nertz-filled, visiting-filled, travel-filled and productive Christmas and New Years!

It's been two years since we have been able to spend Christmas with family and this year, thanks to a closer proximity and CountryBoy's job, we were able to travel back to Florida to visit with family and friends for Christmas.  AND, we were even able to make use of some extra time off to load a rental truck and our truck with the bulk of our belongings and take them up to the farmstead. Yay!  That is one huge to-do crossed off our mental list of things to do.  We even spent the first day of 2015 at our new farm.  What a blessing (even though we spent it unloading a rental truck).  Nevertheless, a blessing indeed!

We still have some things like photo albums, pictures, lamps and some miscellaneous items that wouldn't fit or wouldn't bode well in storage so family members will bring what they can when they come up to visit and check out the new place.  We are already excited about having company even though the place will be a disaster for a while, wink!

As I mentioned above, we had to put all of our belonging in a storage building at the new property.  See, there was a domino effect after our closing.  The seller needed our money to buy her new place and the seller of her new place needed her money to finish some remodeling of their new place.  Therefore, our seller was unable to move into her new place and all of her stuff was still in our house.  sigh.  But, it will actually work out quite well.  We will be able to work on the house without anything being in the way and it will allow me to sort through the boxes and bring in only the stuff we want in the house.  The rest will be tossed or donated.

We only brought a few pieces of furniture with us; the rest were either sold or given away to family and friends.  We swapped our sectional sofa with some friends who let us 'shop' in their storage unit.  We scored an antique rocker, trunk and desk as well as a compressor and chain saw.  (Guess who wanted the last two items, ha!)  Even though they say they are enjoying the couch I think we came out on the better end of the deal, wink!

I have to admit that it was not easy parting with some of the furniture that we spent our hard-earned money on but when the pieces just won't work in your new space then you have to disregard your losses and move on.  We've decided it will be fun looking for just the right pieces (at the right price) to fit each space!

We are also excited that in less than a month (hopefully) we will be able to travel up to the new farmstead Clampett style with truck, fifth wheel and cargo trailer in tow and start reclaiming this hobby farm.  So many ideas!  So many possibilities!  I can't wait to get to work.

Also coming up in a few months is a sewing expo and my first quilt retreat!  I will be attending with my quilting/sewing/crafting cohort and friend.  There's travel plans to be made, a hotel to be booked, classes to choose and sign up for, a mug rug to be made for swapping and probably something else that I've forgotten, ha!  Exciting and fun!

Needless to say, 2015 is bursting with excitement and possibilities and we can't wait to see what this year will bring forth!

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