Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting Older Is Not For The Weak

My birthday isn't until Friday but let me tell ya' something... I was beginning to feel my age this afternoon!

It's that time of year for our annual eye exams so I made our appointments and Country Boy and I went this afternoon to have our eyes examined.  Country Boy went first so while I was waiting for my turn I spent the time perusing the frames and trying bunches of them on.  I narrowed my choices down to four frames and set them aside until after my exam.  I had plenty of time to do this since apparently my hubby was giving the Doc a hard time during the exam (Nah, ya' don't say!)  It was all in good fun though and he ended up with only a slight change that wasn't worth changing his lenses.  He did get new contacts that work better than his old ones so he was thrilled!

Me, on the other hand, whizzed through the exam and I thought I had actually passed!  Until... the Doc said I was beginning to get cataracts.  WHAT?!  I'm not even 50 years old!  He was floored as Country Boy and I both have the beginning stages of cataracts and we're not 'old enough' to have them.  He asked if I had ever taken any steroids.   Me:  "No".  He said the only other thing left that could cause them would be sunlight.  I guess I will have to wear sunglasses every time I step outside.  Yea, good luck remembering that!  I think I'll put a pair of them right by the front door so that I might see them on my way outside!  And I might need to stop buying the cheapos!

The next traumatic event was when the technician said that my reading prescription had doubled.  WHAT?!  I still have no prescription for distance but my reading doubled... go figure!  Well, what can ya' do?  So now it's time to choose one of the four frames that I had set aside.  Oh no!  They're too small says Mr. Technician.  We can't do a progressive bifocal in any of these frames say Mr. Technician.  Me:  "Not even my old frames?"  Mr. T:  "No"  *sigh*  I was devastated!  I liked all those frames and they actually looked decent on me.  All that time spent picking out frames to save time was now a waste of time.  Back to square one.  I was not a happy camper as I began looking at all these frames with huge lenses.  The problem I was running into was the bigger the lens the wider the frames.  I have a narrow face.  I was NOT a happy camper at this point.  Cataracts, doubled reading prescription and now big lenses.  Ugh!  Poor Mr. Technician was trying to help out but stopped when I said that I looked like Harry Potter in one of the frames he brought me.  Well, it was true!  Long story short, I finally found a pair of frames that would work for my narrow face and the lens was not much bigger than my originals that I had picked out but they were big enough that they would work.  Phew!  (hand swiping at brow)

Then came the bill.  Can I just say how ridiculously expensive the lenses are?!  Frames:  $25.00  Lenses: $116.00 per lens INCLUDING the 5% discount we get through our insurance.  Good grief, Charlie Brown!

Getting older is not for the weak!  Good thing I'm tough!

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

awww. i hate the changing of vision as we age. i've been fighting it tooth, nail and eyelash!

~Kristin~ said...

I thought we were just supposed to get "better" as we got older!

Carolyn said...

I feel your pain! Last eye exam he said I was "on the border" of needing glasses...well promptly upon walking out of the office my eyes took a turn for the worse and I know I NEED them now. Left eye is VERY blurry and I'm doing the 'long arm read'. sigh

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