Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Passing It On

I was so honored to receive this award from Marissa at Life On Our Side of the Mountain.  Thanks Marissa!

Now, it's time for me to pass the Stylish Blogger Award to some more wonderful, deserving blogs!  It has been an honor to display this award on my blog and I hope that the blogs that I present this to will feel the same!  There are a couple of rules included with this award, the first is that I have to share seven things about me that you do not know and the second is passing the award on to deserving blogs/bloggers.

So... here are seven things that you do not know about me (family excluded!)...

1.  I was 35 when I got married!  I met my husband-to-be at work ten years prior to our first date.  In all honesty, I was a little afraid of him back then!  He was always very friendly and polite but he had longer hair, a full beard and wore biker boots and a rebel cap... yikes!  And yes, I'll admit it... I totally stereotyped him!  For shame!    The place where we worked grew quickly and I didn't see him for many years.  Fast forward ten years, he had shorter hair, no hat, a mustache and contacts.  Who knew how handsome he was underneath all that hair!  We dated for one year, he proposed on the anniversary of our first date and three weeks later, tada... we were married!  Hey, I was 35!  I was READY to get married!  It's been 11 1/2 wonderful years!  (And for those of you who are quickly doing the math right now; I'll be 47 in 23 days!)

2. My husband and I love to camp.  We started out tent camping with some friends of ours and every three-day weekend that rolled around you could find the four of us in a campground!  After weathering several storms in our tent, we decided to upgrade to a more luxurious type of camping and we bought ourselves a used RV.  It's really a lot easier to get ready to go camping now and it's just as much fun!

3.  I enjoy working with my hands.  Anything from using power tools to cross-stitching!  I like to see progress when I'm working on something and it doesn't need to be immediate, gradual progress is fine.  If I don't see much progress after a while, I tend to lose interest.

4.  I have some musical abilities.  In elementary school, I was fortunate enough to attend a private school where music and art was a part of the curricula.  We learned beginning theory and everyone participated in choir.  I also started taking piano lessons.  I was studying under a classical teacher.  I enjoyed playing but hated to practice!  That's where I first heard the phrase "Practice makes perfect"!  When I started attending a public school in junior high/middle school they offered band and I wanted to join the band!  I chose the clarinet and thus began my learning of several woodwind instruments... alto clarinet, baritone and tenor sax.  I am currently attempting to learn to play the fiddle!  That's gonna take some time!  I've also sung professionally with a group called The Caroling Company.  A group of four (two guys, two girls) dressed in the Dickensian era costumes would sing acapella Christmas carols at parties and theme parks (there a quite a few around here!).  It was a lot of fun and pretty good money!  Most recently, my hubby and I sang in a Southern Gospel quartet while attending our former church and currently he and I sing duets at our local church.

5.  I have logged over 50 hours of flight time in a small plane. I even soloed and didn't crash!  Next up was learning cross-country flight but that was too expensive so I stopped taking flying lessons.

6.  I am a bit of a perfectionist.  Sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it's not!  I'm learning to not be so picky when it really doesn't matter in the first place!

7.  Several years ago when my hubby first mentioned that he wanted to get some chickens, now that we lived in the country, I said no.  I didn't know the first thing about raising chickens and I knew a lot of the work would be mine.  I eventually caved and we got our first batch of chickens.  I fell in love!  They were so cute and fuzzy and I loved to watch them scratch at the ground looking for something to eat!  As they grew, I enjoyed watching their silly antics and the feeding frenzy when they saw the bowl of kitchen scraps!  At one time, we had over forty chickens!  We sold them all last year and I miss them terribly.  Hopefully one day, I'll have more chickens!

Whew! That's enough about me... time for the best part of passing on the Stylish Blogger Award!

I am happy to be passing this award on to:

Kristin at Sweet Country Life

Carrie at Farming On Faith

Each of these blogs have something special to offer their readers.  Stop by and check them out!

You may each copy this award to your blog if you would like.  If so, please follow the rules listed above by divulging seven unknown things about yourselves and then passing the award on.  If you'd rather not participate that's OK too!  I just felt like your blogs are special and deserving of this award!

Happy Wednesday!

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

loved hearing more of your back story! perfectionism is GOOD - when you're taking flying lessons at least! ha!!!!

musical talent AND singing voice. greatness! and i'm a year older than you as i'll be 48 in about 26 days! :)

Mary said...

Wow! You are quite the interesting lady! So many talents. How awesome!

I have a few chickens you can have -- I tend to overdo in the poultry department. ;)

Mary said...

Wow! You are quite the interesting lady! So many talents. How awesome!

I have a few chickens you can have -- I tend to overdo in the poultry department. ;)

Debbie said...

Ok - how didn't I know about the flight time? That has NEVER come up in a scrapbooking session! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVED reading your seven things! So very interesting!
I think #1 is my favorite of the list!

We have some more things in common besides working as EMT's...piano, band (flute for me) & singing in church.

I'm having a birthday in about 21 days. (but I'm skippin' this birthday! LOL)

Samantha said...

Hey, a fellow camper! :)

Loved reading your 7 things!

Anonymous said...

Happy to meet another city girl gone country (except I've gone forest girl). :)
Congratulations on your award!!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Thank you... how sweet to pass this along to little old moi!! I so enjoyed reading your list and getting to know you!! Let us know how the fiddling goes - our son is a fiddler, and I won some awards way back in HS for piano. Ashamed to say I haven't played in a long while.

Very interesting list!! Thanks again, and this was fun! -Tammy

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

We have had our chickens for a little over a year and totally fell in love with them too . They're just so much fun! :-)

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your award.

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