Saturday, May 5, 2012


Is that even a word?  If not, it should be.  I like it!  Because that's what this post is all about!

Today is Cinco de Mayo.  Are you celebrating?

Here's how I'm celebrating...

by reading, crocheting and relaxing on my front porch.  All while listening to the birds sing, the hummingbirds chirp and hum, watching the squirrels scamper, hearing the chickens in the background proudly announcing that they've laid an egg while the ducks are honking and splashing in their pool!  Yup, that's how I'm going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!  (Although I do love good Mexican food!)

It's supposed to be 92 degrees here today.  While I'm glad Spring was early this year, I'm really hoping that Summer is not early.  I've yet to turn my air on and I'm trying to hold out as long as possible.  (I'm kinda liking the $60 electric bills that I've had for three months in a row, woot!)

I had an epiphany while reading Country Gal's post yesterday morning.  She posted a lovely photo of her table on her back porch where she spent the day reading and relaxing.  When I saw the image, it hit me that I should put our table and chair set on our screened in front porch while the weather is decent and I can really get some use out of it.  I enjoy the inspiration of other bloggers.

I'll spare you the details right now on how I got it down from the barn loft but let's just say it was tricky!

In order to make room for the table (pictured above), I had to do some rearranging of all the furniture that was already on the porch.

It's a little crowded but cozy.  (Precious (the black blob on the rug) is liking the arrangement.  She's happily snoring away!)

The timing of my epiphany was perfect, too, because my neighbor was coming over later to paint some bird houses and feeders she recently purchased.  We can now sit on the front porch and paint to our hearts content.  (You can see the house and feeder at the far end of the table.)

After working on the duck pond for three days solid, I'm taking a few days off.  Here is the pond at the  beginning of the work day with my Dad...

The two days prior to Dad coming over, I worked on making a dirt ramp at the far end, I dug about a foot more into the right side to make it 10 feet across, chopped on a tree stump on the left and covered the rest up with more dirt so it wouldn't tear the liner and dug a few more inches deeper.

The day Dad was here, he and I worked on leveling the topside of the pond, putting several wheel barrow loads of dirt into the existing chicken/duck run and getting the drain put in.  Here it is at the end of the day...

It's starting to look like a pond.  Yay!  Next up is figuring out how and where to place the supports for the chicken wire roofover.  Where we need to put the main support is in the middle of the pond.  I'm thinkin' that that's not going to work, heehee!  My Dad retired from the construction industry and is a good 'figurer' so I have no doubt that he'll be able to come up with something.  Country Boy suggested making something similar to trusses so we may do something along those lines.  I'll be sure and let you know what we come up!

Did you see the plant on the end of the table?  One of my geraniums is blooming.

So pretty.

I spent some time today working on my Etsy site.  I dropped some prices and added a couple of new items such as these...

Pretty, crocheted dish cloths or wash cloths.  They remind me of Spring but would also be perfect for a beach cottage or beach theme.

*UPDATE*  Both sets of dish cloths have sold already.  I guess I need to get off the computer and make some more!

My Mom gave me some hand made dish cloths that a friend of hers had knitted.  For the longest time, I never used them.  They were too pretty!  But, in my efforts to save money and reduce waste I decided to give them a try.  I love washing dishes with them!  And, they can easily be thrown in the washer and dryer and are ready to use again.  And again, and again!

I added two different, yet similar sets of dish cloths that I crocheted.  I'm in the process of learning to knit, sigh, and will hopefully, be knitting a few dish cloths as well.  But, at the rate I'm learning to knit... looks like I'll be crocheting more dish cloths rather than knitting them anytime in the near future, heehee!

I guess that's enough randomnicity for now.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Go eat some Mexican food, nomnom!

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

i use 'randomocity' myself. :)

love your porch! way cool!

Lynn said...

Your porch is gorgeous! I'd spend as much time out there as possible-enjoy:@)

Dottie said...

The porch looks good & really better for when we're all together. Didn't ser Etsy to click on. Maybe my new glasses! :)

Terra said...

Your porch is perfection, and a great place to relax on Cinco de Mayo or any day. The duck pond is going to be a paradise for your ducks.

Nancy said...

Love your porch! I could spend hours there myself. :)

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