Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Too Much Rain & A Silver Lining

What? you say.
How can there be too much rain when some areas are getting none?

We have been getting almost daily torrential downpours.

While it is good for the grass, the aquifer, the animals and most plants,
it is NOT good for my lima beans.

They are suffering horribly.

At one time, you could not see the fence.  My plants were full, green and lush.

Now... there are very few leaves left and what is left is molding up quickly.

Even the lima bean pods turn moldy and mushy almost overnight...

Sometimes the beans inside are still good if caught in time.

My cornflowers evidentally don't care for lots of rain either...


And, if you're not careful, the mosquitoes will pick you up and carry you away.

There are swarms of them and they are HUGE.
Some are the size of my thumbnail.  I kid you not.

Thankfully, the county comes onto my property and sprays once a week.

How I wish I could bottle some rain up and send it to
those of you who are having a drought this summer.

However, the majority of my plants (and weeds!) are soaking up the moisture and thriving...


While a few of my plants have suffered from too much rain, I would still prefer to deal with that and the mosquitoes rather than no rain at all.

There's always a silver lining to every situation.  It may be harder to find in some situations but there will be one... somewhere.  Just keep looking for it!

My silver lining for too much rain (other than those previously mentioned above)... it has kept our usually hot, humid and muggy temps here down to somewhat more reasonable and tolerable temps this summer. For that, I will continue to swat mosquitoes when outside!

Till next time,


Mary said...

Tit for tat in the ol' USA -- we haven't had a drop for over a month and things are burnin' up. You are getting too much rain. What can you do?

Pretty impatiens -- :)

TexWisGirl said...

sure wish the weather could be evened out a bit...

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Your impatiens looks beautiful, thriving in the cool wet summer. Having drought is not a good thing, yes, some rain is wonderful.

Gail Dixon said...

I just came inside after being devoured by mosquitos! The rains every day have certainly allowed these suckers to flourish, but some of my plants are not flourishing. However, my hydrangea is starting to show some buds after wilting in the heat a few weeks earlier, so that's my silver lining I guess. I do feel for those in drought situations as I have lived that way, too.

Lynn said...

Mosquitoes are not fun, when they get here that's when I go inside! I tried planting limas and decided they're best bought frozen, just this lazy gardener's opinion:@)

A New England Life said...

Your weather sounds like ours was in the late spring/early summer. It was rather depressing. Now we seemed to have leveled out. Its to bad we couldn't all share the wet weather with those who need it most.

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