Friday, December 21, 2012

All Coming Together

It's been a tad crazy around here the past few weeks with a million things to do and only half of them getting done.

BUT, it's all coming together.

I'm heading to south Georgia today to pick up our custom-made cargo trailer.  We will haul the trailer behind my Jeep and use it for extra storage space.  I had an electrical package installed so that we can take a small fridge and our old freezer.  I also had an e-track installed on all walls so we'll be able to strap down the fridge, freezer, grill, generator and some shelves to use for vertical storage that will help us stay more organized.  I'm also using clear, plastic storage bins to pack our stuff in making it easier to see what's in each bin.

Work begins today on fencing off the perimeter of our property.  We have a neighbor who has decided that it's OK to use our property to back his big-rig into his own drive.  Normally, I wouldn't have a problem with that except that he has plowed over three of our pine saplings tearing off two feet or more of their bark completely destroying those trees.  My opinion, if he can't back a truck without being on or destroying someone else's property then he shouldn't be driving a big rig.

The last of the chickens and ducks will be bought and picked up by their new owner Saturday morning.  Thankfully, we were able to sell them all at a reasonable price.  Everyone that purchased them knew they were given a deal compared to auction prices so everyone was happy!  (Except for me, I am going to miss my chickens and ducks.  I'm keeping my eye on our 'dream farm' goal!)

CountryBoy flies in Saturday night.  WOOHOO!  I am SOOOOOOOO excited to be together again.  For good this time!  Yay!

Sunday morning, we'll sing a duet one more time for the church before leaving.  It's going to be hard leaving our church friends.  Such good people with huge hearts for the Lord and for one another.

I am almost finished with the handmade Christmas gifts and I have one more gift to purchase.  Then everything needs to be wrapped.  (I'm saving most of the wrapping for CountryBoy since he enjoys wrapping gifts!)

I have the office files to sort through and pack up as well as my tons of recipes.  (Of course all my craft stuff has already been packed... I have my priorities, you know!)  Last minute items will be clothes and some kitchen stuff simply because I'm out of time.  My family will be coming over Christmas Eve morning to help us pack and load the trailer, possibly even putting some shelves together and installing them in the trailer.  All depends on how much I can get done on Saturday.

I'd best get a move on it.  Happy Trails!

Till next time,


Country Gal said...

I don't know how you can leave all that behind that would be hard ! I hope all goes well for you . Will there be posts as your on the road ? Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas !

TexWisGirl said...

getting close now!

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