Saturday, December 15, 2012

Senseless & Inhumane

My 400th post and it's a doosy...

I do not own a television and I really don't miss it either.  I have found that there is very little on TV these days that I enjoy watching.  I also enjoy the quiet and solitude and I have found that I get a lot more accomplished without it.

You may ask, How do you keep up with the news?  I'm on the computer often enough throughout the day that I can check out the latest headlines if need be but otherwise, I'm not that interested in bad news or hearing half-truths from the media.  And, I am on Facebook where one can learn a lot about news events.

Such as yesterday's tragedy.  I went to town to pick up a few items and to get my hair trimmed and deep-conditioned.  I came home and started perusing Facebook when I came across a former fellow EMS coworker's status where she was talking about the triage area and how the yellow and red tarps were empty which meant there were no patients to treat.

I wondered what she was talking about so I kept scrolling and I found several news articles about the senseless and inhumane shooting at the elementary school.

My heart and prayers immediately went out not only to the parents, grandparents and siblings of the victims but to the First Responders, EMS, Fire and the Police personnel who were trying to help the survivors in this traumatizing situation.  I pray that everyone directly involved in this tragedy will seek the counseling that they will surely need.

I have a lot of opinions as to why we are seeing such tragedies more often and I'm sure my opinions will probably make some people mad because nobody wants to be at fault for events like this.  But since our freedom of speech has not yet been taken away I am going to voice my opinions.  If you care to read them then keep scrolling, if not, feel free to go ahead and exit right now.  I'll never know!

My first opinion, we as individuals and as a nation need to get back to being 'one nation under God'.  We have pushed Him out of our schools and out of our lives.  The majority of churches are almost empty Sunday after Sunday.  Children are not being brought up in the church anymore nor do they know that a Saviour was born (thus the reason for celebrating Christmas) that would save them from their sinful selves.  We are all born as sinners and only by the saving grace of our Heavenly Father can we be forgiven of our sins if we ask.  It's our choice.  The further we stray and try to be removed from Him the more these senseless and inhumane acts will occur.

You may ask how and why a loving God allowed, in this case, innocent children to be murdered?  He loved us so much that He gave us the freedom of choice.  The freedom to follow Him or not.  He does not DEMAND that we follow Him.  Again, this is our choice to do so.  For those who choose not to follow Him, sin becomes more prevalent in their lives sometimes leading them to do such senseless and inhumane acts.

My second opinion, we as individuals need to get back to the basics of family and stop chasing the almighty dollar so that we can have 300+ channels of garbage on TV, the latest electronic gadget, the fancy car and home, etc.  As a nation, our economy needs to get back to the point where even the most frugal of families are not forced to have both parents working outside the home just to make ends meet.

The majority of children are being raised in daycares.  Raising a child is a full-time job.  I find it hard to fathom that parents are able to teach their children right from wrong in only a few hours each evening on top of cooking dinner, feeding them, bathing them, helping with homework, etc.  Children need a sense of security, they crave attention that can't be given in a couple of busy and rushed hours each evening and they need to be taught right from wrong.  These things don't happen in a daycare.  It's not the daycare's job to raise children, only to babysit them.

I realize that many mothers choose to work outside the home because it helps define them as a person and they feel as though they're contributing financially.  Again, that's your choice and you're free to do so but a woman's greatest contribution to her family is to nurture her children and the family as a whole.  That is the greatest contribution of all.  Never underestimate how far that contribution will go in life.  I also know the majority of women that would like to stay home are forced to work just to make ends meets... even after they've cut out all the 'luxuries' in their lives and are living as frugal as possible.  It's the way of life now for many due to the economy and for that, I am sad for those mothers who desire to raise her own children.

A third opinion, many people are talking more and more about is gun control.  I believe we have a right to bear arms.  I also believe that the honest individual(s) that acquire guns legally are not very likely to use them inappropriately.  The person that intends to do harm, will acquire a gun by stealing it or using a gun that they have access to because the guns are not properly locked up.  It's plain and simple... guns do not kill people, people kill people with guns.  Again, it's a choice.  The gunman chose to perform this senseless and inhumane tragedy.  And even though guns may be taken away from everyone, the sinful, unlawful person will still obtain a gun to do his will.

I firmly believe that we as individuals and as a nation need to get back to the basics of life... God and family.  Those two should be THE most important things in our lives; not our material things.  If we can get back to those days then, in my opinion, we should see less of these senseless and inhumane acts.  If not...  God be with us.

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Ronda Walker said...

Well said.

Country Gal said...

Yes well said ! and Congrats on the 400 posts !

Family Time said...

Well said my friend.

Debbie Linkous said...


Nancy W said...

I couldn't have said it better!

Denise :) said...

I think you've nailed it fairly well. As a nation our focus has shifted from God and family to "self". It breaks, breaks my heart. Good share -- thanks for being brave enough to do just that! :)

Trails of Grace said...

Just reading this today. I am so with you on all your thoughts. Well said.

Gail Dixon said...

Amen and AMEN! To all of what you said. I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

I whole heartedly agree!

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