Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Steady Visitors & A Thrift Shop Find

When I came to visit CountryBoy for our anniversary and Thanksgiving last November we bought a bird feeder and hung it in one of the trees that can be seen from our living room (and now from my sewing table as well).

Although we had quite a few visitors those first few months a full feeder would last a couple of days.

Now, I'm lucky if a full feeder lasts for two hours.

I kid you not.

Steady visitors until it's gone.

I've added a small bird bath which these desert birds have thoroughly enjoyed.

The weather is getting nicer outside so maybe I can get some shots of them in the bird bath.


Last Saturday, CountryBoy and I stopped to check out the Goodwill store in town.

I really like the way they organized the clothes by color.

I don't know about you but I tend to gravitate toward the same colors when shopping and having my favorite colors all in one area just seems to make it easier to shop.

But, I wasn't shopping for clothes.  (There's only so much closet space in a 5th wheel!)  We were just browsing.

As of late, whenever I'm in a thrift store, I've been finding myself in the craft and fabric section of the store.  (Imagine that!)  I've found some deals on yarn, knitting needles and fabric.  (Speaking of, I still need to make use of those needles and learn how to knit.)

While CountryBoy was looking for anything that might could even possibly be used as a pan for panning gold (yes, working at the mine, and not the one we just visited, has given him the gold rush fever, ha!) I was checking out the linens.

Look what I found...

Two beautiful napkins!  These napkins are so me... I love the colors, the pattern, the texture and the leaves on them!

And the best part?  I paid .49 cents for both of them.  That's right... I said BOTH of them, woohoo!

Do you have a thrift store find that you've been thrilled with?

Till next time,


Flat Creek Farm said...

Beautiful birdies! So enjoying them - especially during the month of January. Why does this month always seem so long? To me anyway! Those napkins are very pretty, and I can sense there is a project forthcoming ;) Have a great remainder to your week! -Tammy

Lynn said...

Love your pretty new napkins-great colors! Enjoy the birds:@)

Country Gal said...

Glad you have birdies again at your feeder .We have a total of 12 feeders here and I fill them all every 2 days they eat us out of house and home this time of year but that's ok I enjoy them all ! Oh I like the fabric you have there . I like thrift and antique stores . Have a good day !

Gail Dixon said...

It must be nice to have all those birds visiting your feeders, but bird seed isn't exactly cheap. Two hours and it's gone? Wow. What a steal on those napkins! I might have to pay our local thrift store a visit. :)

Debbie Linkous said...

I'm going to Goodwill this weekend - must...find...clothes! Clothes that don't fall down when I walk. haha!

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