Monday, August 5, 2013

Vintage Treasures

The boys had to work last Saturday so us girls decided we would take a trip to Oatman, Arizona to spend a couple of hours browsing the shops, grab a bite to eat and watch the 'shootout' in the street!  It's about an hour and a half away so we headed out early to beat the heat and the crowds.

Oatman is an old mining town that has capitalized on that fact and made it into a quaint tourist attraction.  There are shops along the main street offering anything from handmade leather goods and local artistry to the kitchy tourist stuff.

There's also a shootout twice daily in the street between a bank robber and a bank robber robber  Figure that one out!  Very cute and loud as the gun shots are fired.

As we were coming in to town we came across the wild burros that frequent the streets of Oatman too...

They were heading to town almost as if they were heading to work; their job being to hang out in the streets with the tourists, have their photos taken and hope that they will be fed in return.  (You can buy a bag of food for them and feed them.)  These burros run free and are the ancestors of the burros that worked at the mine.

This one looks like she's sleepwalking!

One of the shops has a section of antiques in it which is straight where I headed when we got to that shop.  I picked up a couple more antique blue Ball jars, a potato masher and a wooden box.  In another shop I found a vintage gold panning pan for CountryBoy (who has been looking for one since we arrived out west!).

The potato masher will be used to mash pinto beans into refried beans.  The box will be modified a bit by adding wood dividers to hold my canning jars.  The Ball jars, well, one can never have too many jars!  These will be used to store nuts freeing up my new jars (which are currently storing nuts) for canning.  And the gold pan?  Let's just say it will keep CountryBoy occupied for a while if he ever finds a stream to pan for gold in.  If he actually finds gold that will be icing on the cake!

Till next time,


Dorina said...

I wonder if "cute" is what the bank robbers were going for! Hahaha! I love your pictures.

Lynn said...

Sounds like you had a great day! I agree, one can never have too many canning jars:@)

Anonymous said...

These are the sights I miss in Arizona. Love the burros walking up the road, just ambling along. LOL

Debbie Linkous said...

awwww....the photos of the burros going to work just melted my heart. Have to admit, more than a little jealous wishing we could be there doing it all over again!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh my.. I've missed a LOT on your blog. And seriously? I missed donkeys?! lol.. love the pics and might have to visit this place sometime. I believe I've read about it before.. somewhere. Thanks for sharing - sounds like such a nice outing all the way around! -Tammy

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