Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Big Event

In my last post about thrift store shopping I mentioned that I was shopping for some clothes to attend an event.

Well, folks, after months and months of planning, waiting, anticipating it is finally here!  The International Quilt Show in Houston, squee!

When CountryBoy and I were getting ready to leave Arizona, I ran by the local quilt shop to pick up the remainder of items that hadn't sold.  I happen to mention to the owner where we were headed next and she told me that one of the largest quilt shows was held in Houston around the end of October. Really?

Well, I happened to mention it to a friend of mine who is also a newbie to quilting and sewing and the ball started rolling.
And, after almost five months, it's finally here!  The event we've all been waiting for!  OK, so maybe just her and I have been waiting along with hundreds of other people that are attending, woot!

This is our first quilting show that we've ever been to let alone a show of this magnitude.  Hey, if you're gonna do it then why not do it BIG!  After all, this is Texas!

But, to say we are overwhelmed would be an understatement.

We did manage to snag a hotel room nearby and we plan on spending the weekend oohing and aahing over the gorgeous quilts on display, taking classes, a few lectures and perusing lots and lots of vendors and trying to watch what we spend at said vendors, wink!

We have a plan and several days to check out the vendors so, although we plan to do some shopping, we plan to be smart about it and not buy the first item we see.

I also wanted to make us a cross-body purse so that we could be hands-free but one snafu led to another and I only got one finished.  Luckily, my friend already had a bag she could use so she is set.  I'll have to finish hers at a later date.

Here's my denim, patchwork & lace tote...

Made with fabric and denim that I had on hand and lace that I picked up at a thrift store on the way home from Kentucky.  All I had to get were the buttons, interfacing and magnetic snaps.

I made the straps extra long to cross the body and hang by my hips so that I can be hands free to check out the goodies at the vendors' booths.

I think it will serve me well as long as I don't buy anything really big, ha!

I also plan on taking my camera so if we are allowed to take photos I will try to remember to get some shots of the fabulous quilts that will be on display.

This will be an experience of a lifetime and we plan on taking advantage of every opportunity that presents itself.

We are so excited!

I'll let you know how it goes, smile!

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Flat Creek Farm said...

I know that quilt show is a huge event, however I just have to share that my Aunt Linda was there.. from right here in Central MO :) I just find it funny that I hadnt heard of such an event until this Fall! That is one awesome bag.. always love your creations. I think back to that gorgeous camera bag you made.. and I thought I was going to make one too.. maybe someday! -Tammy

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