Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kentucky Bound

Four months after we made the offer and two months after we closed, the time has finally come for us to head to our new-to-us old farmhouse and farm.  WOOHOO!

CountryBoy's last day of work at this job in Texas is today.  He is the only employee left other than the big boss.  I tease him and tell him that his boss just doesn't want to let him go even though they know he's been waiting to get to the farm, ha!  Poor guy!

We'll spend tomorrow filling a propane bottle or two (in case we need some heat while staying overnight in the Walmart parking lot, wink), closing the box at the post office, packing up, loading up, and hooking up so we can pull out the following morning.

Once we get there we're going to be winging it for a while.  I have a feeling I am going to feel like a pioneer woman!

But, it's going to be SO worth a little bit of discomfort and inconvenience when we start seeing the 'ol homestead come back to life and making it our home.  The challenge of furnishing the place, renovations that need to be done, planning and planting a garden, fixing up the coop, the list goes on... but we are ready!

I'm also ready to buy seeds for the vegetable and herb gardens.  And flowers, too. I saw some flowers at the store the other day and I got excited as it dawned on me that I could grow them again!  I gave up trying to have flowers or grow tomatoes while on the road.  Even the desert shade was not enough to keep them alive when we were in Arizona and Nevada and we were not supposed to be here very long so I didn't bother.  But now?  Now I can have flowers again!

African Iris

And, I can take pictures again!

That is, once I get my camera fixed. (I do have a point and shoot camera that I will be using in the mean time.)

And, I can start blogging again!

That is, once I get in internet connection at the farmhouse.

We have a few days of traveling ahead of us and I need to find an internet source then we will be back in business.  So hang in there.

I want to offer a huge THANKS to those of you who have stuck by me during the traveling chapter of our lives.  Soon, this blog will, once again, be about farm life, house renovations and trying to live a simple life in these modern times. So, stay tuned if you're curious to see how this chapter of our lives plays out!


Heather @ Simple Wives said...

How exciting. Home your move goes smoothly. Beautiful pictures!

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