Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

For all the wonderful Mom's in bloggerville... I wish you a Happy Mother's Day!  I hope you had a great day!

Speaking of Mom's... we are back from tackling my Mom's Mini-Mother's Day-Makeover at her place while they are on vacation.  We are exhausted but pleased with everything that we accomplished.  Since Country Boy has to work tomorrow, we left my sister with a little bit of painting to do and a few odds-n-ends detail work.  I'm not going to post any before and after pictures until after they get home because it will ruin the Big Reveal (for all you HGTV fans!) for my Mom & Dad because I know they're checking my blog for photos!  I spoke with her today wishing her a Happy Mother's Day and she was wanting me to email her some photos.  I told her "no" and that she would have to wait until she got home!  I'm so bad!

It's always good to be home!  Country Boy and I were sitting on the back porch reading some magazines (yes, Country Boy was reading!  He's not a big fan of reading, but, as I mentioned before, I found a magazine, The Pioneer, that interests him, yay!) enjoying the lovely evening while his steak was cooking on the grill.  I say his because I don't eat steak.  Never have, never will.  I keep trying a piece here and there and I just don't like it.  But, back to being home... I feel so blessed to be living my life!  I have a wonderful husband, a great family (on both sides), a nice piece of property, a roof over my head, a church family, good friends, my health and I'm able to stay at home and be a housewife.  Life is great!  I'm not saying that my life is perfect and everything is hunky-dory all the time, but when I stop to count all my blessings, I have to say that all the things that seem so difficult or overwhelming at the moment are really just small things that will pass.

I hope on this Mother's Day that you are able to count all your blessings both big and small!

I am linking up with A Rural Journal for Your Sunday's Best!  Check it out for some lovely photos!

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

loved your last paragraph. God bless you with continued good things and gratitude for them!

Mary said...

I echo your sentiments almost to the letter. I have so much to be thankful for. Thank you so much for linking up to Your Sunday Best and sharing your amazing photo! :)

Lou Belcher said...

Nice... vibrant colors.


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