Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mini-Mother's Day-Makeover

The folks came home from their vacation a bit early so I'm finally able to show y'all the results of our weekend efforts!

My sister, Country Boy and myself were tackling three rooms in their house... The kitchen and eat-in dining area, the family room and the master bedroom and bath.

I'll start with the eat-in dining area.  Mom picked out and ordered her wallpaper and border that she wanted in the eat-in kitchen area.  The before picture that I have is actually a mid-way shot!

We then added wainscoting, the chair rail and the border.

Here's a before of the kitchen... (Notice the fan & curtains)

For the kitchen and family room, Mom chose Shell Flower, a pretty, soft yellow.
Here's the after...

So much brighter!  And the fan?  That was one of the surprises.  The original fan was noisy and it did not blend in very well.  We also replaced her curtains with a lovely set of cafe curtains...

The yellow flowers didn't show up well on the photos but they match the yellow walls!

Directly opposite of the kitchen is the family room.  Here's the before...  (Notice the light)

We continued the yellow and the border from the dining area throughout the family room.  We also decide to add a fan in the living room that matched the kitchen fan.  Surprise!

Mom replaced the original blue curtains that she had up there with some lacy ones so she sent me the photo!

We then tackled the master bedroom and bathroom.

This room drove me crazy every time I was there.  The quilt is so pretty but you couldn't see it because everything was the same color!  Mom decided to get WILD in her older years and chose Wild Plum, the darker color in the flowers, as an accent wall!  My sister and I were shocked!  Especially when we started putting it on the walls... YIKES!  We didn't think it was going to turn out well at all and we didn't think Mom would like it.  Well, after three coats and holding our breath that we had enough paint... I think it turned out quite nice!  See if you can see the quilt now...

So pretty!  The other three walls were painted Lovely Buff, a cream color to match the quilt.

The bathroom, again, had the same pinkish-beige walls...

We carried the Wild Plum into the bathroom on the same wall...

Country Boy installed vinyl squares over the existing vinyl which was a dark blue and didn't go with the bathroom at all.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a before picture.  (It's hard to run around and get all the before shots while you're working!)  The grey kitty is Pica!

Lovely Buff was used on the other three walls.

And our helper all week...
The lovely Chelsea!
She's a 14 year old Shih Tzu!

We really enjoyed doing this mini makeover for Mom & Dad!  We were all exhausted but knowing that they love it and are happy with the results makes it all worth while!

We love you Mom & Dad!

Till next time,


Mary said...

What a nice Mother's Day present! Everything looks great! :)

Dottie said...

Wow! Thanks for showing off our much prettier home. We look at it & just marvel at all you did in such a short period of time & the neat surprises: fans, curtains, kitchen rug by sink. Pictures don't do it justice though. Thanks again, Mom/Dad

TexWisGirl said...

i LOVE the plum in the bedroom the best! it really does show off how pretty that quilt is!

Anonymous said...

What a great mini-makeover! Everything looks so pretty and fresh! It's amazing how new fans/lights can change the look of a room so much. I like that wild plum color, a lot! I love all the bright natural light in your parents' house!

Anonymous said...

Just as I thought!

I commented before on this post but I think that it was lost in the whole Blogger mess the other day.

What a lovely mini-makeover! I love how fresh everything looks. The ceiling fans are a very nice touch!
The wild plum wall brings out the bedding nicely, it also looks good in the bathroom.

Great job! I know your parents have to be enjoying their makeover!

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