Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Non-Productive Day

Ever have one of those days where you wake up feeling motivated and have plans to get lots of stuff done?

Today was one of those days for me.

I planned on working on the computer all morning and then later in the afternoon after a lunch date with friends.

I wanted to rework my blog, redesign the tags for the goodies that I sell on Etsy, take photographs of said goodies and then post them on Etsy.

How much did I actually get done?  Zip, zilch, zero... sigh.

I started on the tags this morning.  Made some progress but I'm still not satisfied with them.

Then, the phone rang.  Then, I had a visitor.  Then, it was time to go to head out for lunch with friends.  When I got back home I was exhausted (ate too many chicken & dumplins!) so I took a nap.  Then, the phone rang again.  Then, it was time for evening chores.

I finished a dishcloth for a customer.  Then, the phone rang two more times.  Busy day for the phone (and none of them were solicitors believe it or not).

So much for getting anything I had planned to get done today actually done, ha!  Oh well, it will all get done eventually.

How 'bout you?  Did you have a more productive day than I did?

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

sounds like you got more done - just not what was planned. :)

Lynn said...

Cool to see all of the birds in that one tree:@)

Tammy said...

Spotting that tree full of lovelies would have taken over my day :)

Sounds like you did exactly what you were meant to do.

Gail Dixon said...

Yesterday I got a lot done, including walking the dog! I think the cooler weather motivated me to move more. Sorry you didn't have the day you had planned. Maybe today will be better. Nice shot of the egrets in the tree.

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