Thursday, July 25, 2013

Epic Fail

Apparently the new catch word of the day is 'Epic'.  Epic this, epic that.

Well, I am going to use it today to describe my attempt at getting around something that I didn't know how to do.

See, a while ago I started a wall-hanging quilt.  This is my first quilt.  I really don't know anything about quilting but after reading the directions (it's a kit) I figured it couldn't be that bad so I dug in and started it.

I got all the pieces cut...

and started piecing them together...

bit by bit, square by square...

It was going fairly well.  I managed to get the top pieced together and made the batting sandwich with the top and the bottom pieces and basted them together...

Here's where I ran into trouble.

I was supposed to hand-stitch around each square in the block forming concentric squares, stitch a heart pattern in the empty squares and stitch a V-pattern along the blue border.  Yea, OK!

Problem is... I don't know how to hand-stitch.

I watched a couple of YouTube videos on hand-stitching but I couldn't get up enough nerve to attempt it. I got to thinking... with the excpetion of the hearts these are all straight stitching... why couldn't I do it on the machine?  It would be a lot quicker and probably look a lot nicer.


Here's where the epic fail comes in...

Not only was it difficult to keep the stitch 'in the ditch' as they say it was difficult to maneuver all that fabric around on the machine.

I did not like how it was turning out so I stopped and put it away until I could muster up enough nerve to attempt hand-stitching.

Yesterday, I got it back out and proceeded to rip all this out...

I plan on watching a few more videos then I'll make my first attempt at hand-stitching.  Yikes!

I'll keep you posted!

Till next time,


Anonymous said...

Epic... yep. I've seen that word going around all of the blogs. Funny how everyone catches on to certain words or phrases until the atmosphere is saturated with it. LOL

I'll check back to see how you do on the quilting. Not something I would have the guts to try as I would probably also do an EPIC FAIL. LOL

Good luck

Mary said...

You get an "A" for perseverance. I don't quilt any more, but when I did, I generally just used a small basting stitch. Nothing fancy, and it seemed to look fine.

Good luck dear!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I've tried my hand at quilting twice. Whew! It's a hobby that deserves the word "epic". ;-)

Judy said...

I've not tried to hand quilt yet, but I do want to, I just haven't gotten up enough never to yet. Good Luck!
I love the pattern.

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