Friday, January 28, 2011


Some days I have an over-abundance of the stuff and other days it seems to elude me.  And then, there are those days where I have no choice but to get some from somewhere!  Like today, for instance...

Family is coming to visit Country Boy & I tomorrow, sooooo, there is much to be done in preparation.  I have to decide on a menu, make a grocery list, go get the groceries, clean the house, pay some bills (since it is payday, yay!) and then MAYBE I'll have some time to do the fun things that I enjoy!  Like, taking pictures, posting on my blog, cross-stitching or reading.

Speaking of reading, I just finished  a great book last night by Lori Wick, entitled Where the Wild Rose Blooms.  It's an inspirational love story about a girl learning to overcome a tragedy with God's help.  She learned to find things to be thankful for amid the difficulty.  It's a good reminder to us all that we should be thankful in everything!  Difficult to achieve at times but something we should strive towards.

I haven't had time to take any pictures today, plus my battery was dead (note to self, must purchase spare battery ASAP!) but I will share a couple more of my favorites.... hope you like them too!

Rabbits Foot Fern

I was checking on my plants in the greenhouse the other day and I saw this leaf dangling out of the hanging basket and I had to see what it looked like through my camera lens.  I love these ferns (actually, any type of fern! but these especially!)!  They are so delicate and soft looking.

Ferns on Tree

After a nice rain, these ferns come to life on our trees.  Such beauty!

Well, as much fun as I've had sharing this with y'all, I must get motivated now to do the things I have to do!  Time to Git-r-Done folks!

I hope that you will get motivated today to do something that you have been WANTING to do for a while... Go for it and have a great day!

Gone Country

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Country Girl said...

Hope you get everything done ~ and that you still have time for photos.

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